All Cylinders Coffee is Back

We want you to start your day right –with a cup of our very own custom roasted coffee.

All Cylinders is a medium roast with low acid and a nice smooth flavor. It also has a bit of a chocolatey finish to help make sure you too are firing on all cylinders.

For over 90 years, the steady heartbeat of the David B has been its original Washington Iron Works, 3-cylinder diesel engine. We’ve always felt that the Washington was as much a piece of kinetic sculpture as it is machinery. The people at Washington Iron Works built their engines with pride. Over the years, we’ve talked with several former employees who worked at Washington Iron Works and they have all talked about how special it was to work there. While Washington made several thousand engines in Seattle, very few remain. Many were removed during World War II and then as more modern engines became less labor-intensive even engines like the David B’s were removed from boats. There are only seven Washingtons that are still operational in boats. It is a testament to the people who worked at Washington Iron Works that the engines they built were made to last and after 90-plus years, our Washington is still firing on all cylinders.

You can find All Cylinders coffee in the David B’s store:  https://store.northwestnavigation.com/

New Online Store

New Store for All Things David B

David B Merchandise After years of saying we should have an online store for all of our hoodies, mugs, hats, books, and things, we’ve finally done it. It went live this morning and we’re so excited to have a way for you to buy cool David B products without having to be on the boat.

More products are coming to the store, such as gift cards, photographic prints, and our own special blend of coffee called All Cylinders. To help us celebrate our new online store, you can use the coupon code YayMerch for a 10% discount for your CyberMonday purchase today through December 1, 2020. Visit our new store and find fun gifts for yourself and others.

For now, we are only able to sell to addresses in the US. Hopefully, someday we can expand to other countries.

Stay safe, stay well,


UnBEARably Cute

Bears in love t shirt design Illustrator Rebecca Rothman just made the most adorable drawing of two brown bears from a photo I took during one of our cruises to the Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area a couple of years ago. It was a beautiful warm sunny spring day in Alaska. (Yes, May is often a beautiful month in southeast Alaska, but I digress.) Our guide Dan, from Pack Creek Bear Tours lead us across the tide flats to an open meadow where two bears were lazing in the sun — one was male, the other female. It was spring and love was in the air. The bears were about a hundred yards away from us.
We spent several hours in the meadow with the bears. We watched the male dote upon the female. He went where she went, if she got up to eat, he got up to eat. If she laid down, he laid down. It was fascinating to watch their gentle behavior. At one point when they were laying in the grass, she sat up and scratched her belly. The way he lifted his head and looked up at her melted my romantic heart. “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” came into my head. She laid back down again and he did too.
When Rebecca sent me her drawing, I fell in love with it and immediately wanted it as a T-shirt. Jeffrey suggested that we add the “I love you” to the bottom. I agreed because who wouldn’t want to spread a message of love.Two bears at Pack Creek bear viewing in alaska
In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be offering the I Love You Bears t-shirt in children’s and adult sizes. Pre-ordering will be on our website shortly.
Rebecca and I also have other T-shirt designs from my photos turned into her drawings in the works, but you’ll have to stay tuned…