8-Day Alaska Cruise – Round Trip Juneau

Alaska small ship cruise with bear viewingEscape from the ordinary on our 8-day Alaska Cruise. Aboard the David B, you’ll spend your days and nights surrounded by the beauty of the Tongass National Forest. Each day you’ll cruise to a new anchorage, watch for whales, seals, sea otters, sea lions, bears, eagles and ravens. You’ll have opportunities to hike in old growth forests and poke around in tide pools. You’ll get visit a tidewater glacier, and paddle kayaks along remote shorelines. On our cruises, you’ll be in the heart of the wilderness experiencing the sights and sounds of southeast Alaska.

Day 1

Juneau to Taku Harbor

You’ll board the David B at noon in Juneau. Once your luggage is stowed and after a brief orientation, Captain Jeffrey will start up the David B’s antique Washington Iron Works engine and soon you’ll be cruising down Gastineau Channel heading for Taku Harbor.

When we arrive you’ll have a chance to go ashore and explore the remains of an abandoned cannery. Much of the machinery has been altered to make a renegade outdoor sculpture garden. Taku is also home to black bears that often come to the beach to feed.

Day 2

Taku Harbor to Cannery Cove

Cannery Cove is one of the most scenic anchorages in southeast Alaska with the rugged 3800 foot Bear Pass Mountain rising from the head porpoises on the bow of a small cruise ship in Alaskaof the bay.

Before dinner, there will be time for kayaking and scanning the shoreline for brown (grizzly) bears that frequent the head of the bay in search of clams, mussels, and protein-rich sedges.

Day 3

Cannery Cove to Baranof Warm Springs

Baranof Warm Springs is unbelievably beautiful with an enormous waterfall roaring at the head of the bay. The soaking pools are even more unbelievable. To get to them it’s a short walk on a combination of boardwalk and dirt trail, but once you’re there you’ll find hot springs that hug the very edge of a roaring waterfall.

Besides the beauty of Baranof Warm Springs Bay, there is also the wildlife that often visits. From the deck of the David B, we’ve watched humpback whales bubble-net feeding, killer whales exploring the edges of the bay, and brown bears searching low tide exposed rocks for food.

Day 4

Baranof Warm Springs to Eliza HarborSea lions from a small ship cruise in Alaska

In the morning, you’ll have the option of going for a hike along a single-track trail with views of Warm Springs Bay, or you’ll have another chance to soak in the hot springs.

After lunch, we’ll be on our way to Eliza Harbor. Throughout the day we’ll be watching for more humpback whales and killer whales, as well as, for sea otters that spend their time feeding around the southern tip of Admiralty Island.

Day 5

Eliza Harbor to Wood Spit

Eliza Harbor is a great place to kayak and to watch for brown bears. The waters are calm and there are lots of places for bears to come to the beach.

In the morning, we’ll weigh anchor and set out across Frederick Sound in search of high concentrations of humpback whales that come to feed in these rich waters. We’ll also search for Steller sea lions that often are hauled out near the Brothers Islands.

Day 6Fords Terror - Alaska Small Ship cruise aboard the David B

Wood Spit to Fords Terror

Wood Spit is the entrance to Endicott Arm, and it’s not uncommon to wake up to the sight of icebergs floating in Holkham Bay and the sounds of humpback whales foraging on small fish and krill. It makes a wonderful setting for you to relax and enjoy breakfast before we get underway for Fords Terror. Wood Spit is also a great place to hike, tidepool and walk through an old growth forest on animal trails.

Fords Terror is a steep-walled side fjord adjacent to Endicott Arm. It that has innumerable waterfalls that cascade down three thousand feet from an ice field. Fords Terror also has one of the most beautiful hikes complete with kettle ponds filled with yellow pond lilies and views of the steep-walled granite cliffs that make up this unique fjord.

Day 7

Fords Terror to Dawes Glacier to Williams Cove

Dawes Glacier is a tidewater glacier that sits at the head of Endicott Arm. As we cautiously pick our way through the icebergs that recentlyBald eagle on an iceberg - Alaska Small Ship Cruises on the David B calved off the glacier, we’ll watch for seals hauled out on the bergs. We’ll also hope to see killer whales that frequent the fjord. When we reach the face of the glacier we’ll spend time watching and waiting for it to thunderously calve ice into the cold waters of Endicott Arm.

In the evening we’ll anchor in a little nook at the head of Williams Cove. There we can watch icebergs float past in Tracy Arm, look for bears that might wander on to the beach, or maybe even hear the call of a red-throated loon.

Day 8

Williams Cove to Juneau

We’ll get underway early cruise back through Holkham Bay and Stephens Passage on our way back to Juneau. While we cruise back to port, you’ll enjoy a special breakfast with hand-made croissants made just for you.

Please note that every cruise we do is a little different so itineraries will vary depending on weather and wildlife.

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