Did you know that more than half of our guests are repeat passengers? Here’s why they keep coming back.


“In seven days this workshop can transform your eye, focus your attention to detail, and restore your soul.”

  • Alison S. – Pack Creek Bear Photography Workshop

“If I were to plan my own adventure into the San Juans it would be just like the trip we did. Plenty of time for photos, day hikes, forests, sandstone, birds, whales, looking for bioluminescence, learning about the boat and the islands, comfortable rooms and the most amazing home cooked meals and goodies. Oh and then there was the photography instruction which was why I was there in the first place. What an amazing team. Everyone got along well. Christine and Jeffery bring together their wide ranges of skills as competent captains and trip leaders with fantastic cooking, wonderful company, wide knowledge of the natural world, delightful humor and big humble hearts. I felt at home and very comfortable. I appreciated that our schedule was relaxed yet never boring. We could explore on our own along the trails of each island as we took photos or just explored. I miss it already!”

  • Betsy C. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“In addition to the wildlife, relaxation, and various excursions, and the nights on the boat, I can’t say enough good things about our four-day San Juan Islands Cruise on the David B., except that I wish I had read Christine’s book first! What a story of love and dedication not only to the boat, but between Christine and Jeffrey. So many years after they set out on this journey the love is still so apparent. Everyone should be so lucky, persistent, and dedicated to their dreams. Good luck Christine and Jeffrey, and we hope to see you again soon!”

  • Sonny H. – San Juan Island Cruise


“Wonderful to have home made sourdough bread everyday and meals from scratch. Also cheerful attitudes and lots of interesting stories and knowledge from Jeffrey and also Christine.”

  • Glenys S. – Inside Passage – Learn to Cruise


“The combination of the David B’s unique charm, our hosts Jeffrey & Christine, our instructors John & Al, plus interesting people made for an great trip in Glacier Bay! Life was easy & fun on the trip. I was continually wowed by Christine’s resourcefulness and cooking — especially the homemade pasta & croissants – mmmm! I was impressed with Jeffrey’s parking skills when rafting up to a big shiny yacht and then backing up into a spot in Auke Bay :) We had good conversations, lots of laughter, and beautiful scenery!!”

  • Shari Y. – Alaska Photography Workshop with Adventures NW Magazine


“Jeffrey and Christine are an amazing team. I had never been on a cruise or to Alaska before and I am certainly glad I choose the David B to explore the inside passage. Every day was filled with wonder. I love nature, wildlife, and the outdoors and what an incredible way to get an up close intimate experience of what Alaska is about. Glaciers, whales, seals, mountain goat, bears, lots of eagle and new birds I have not seen before- Arctic terns, pigeon guillemot, rufous hummingbirds. The knowledge that Christine and Jeffrey shared was incredible. The David B is a charming, beautiful, comfortable way to cruise Alaska! Christine’s gourmet cooking was superb! Thank you Captain Jeffrey and Christine for an unforgettable Alaskan experience.”

  • Denise L. – Alaska’s Fjords Photography Workshop with Matt Meisenheimer


“My experience on board the David B was well beyond expectations. Breathtaking views awaited every turn. We had time to just absorb the beauty and learn its history. Our superb meals cooked on a wood burning stove were topped with great conversation. Humpback whales provided viewing entertainment one evening as we ate salmon. I’m so glad I discovered the David B.”

  • Dave S. – Alaska Cruise


“The David B gave us a chance to explore the Alaska inner passage up close and in an unhurried way. We loved that at one moment you are in your rain gear coming in from a glorious hike to sitting down to a gourmet meal, glass of wine and good conversation! Jeffrey searches for breaching whales to view and nature all around. The skiff ride viewing the water falls while eating a picnic lunch Christine made was surreal. Christine and Jeffrey worked so well together and we left having fallen in love with Alaska! David B gave us a trip of a lifetime!”

  • Alton S. and Molly V. – Alaska Cruise


“It was exciting watching the playfulness and apparent pleasure the Dall’s porpoises had rapidly swimming back and forth under the bow of Standing at Baird Glacier - David B Cruises Alaskathe David B.”

  • Mary R. – Alaska Cruise


“Poking around on the internet to find an old tugboat to purchase and explore the inside passage and further north lead to (at the time) an annoying site that I dismissed three times. Finally I gave in to David B and the Northwest Navigation Crew. I lost 3 days of work in my office as a new adventure appeared on my bucket list. Can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to meet Christine, Jeffrey & David B and be a part of their adventure in life. Their persistence to dream big and follow thru has to be commended. David B and the Washington Estep is a work of art. Christine’s creations on her wood stove is an amazing feat. Oh…and then there’s Jeffrey…spend time w/ him and you’ll get an education about more than boats, engines and navigation. Christine and Jeffrey…good on ya! And last but not least the one in the back ground we didn’t get to meet…Thank you Sarah for getting us on board in such short notice. You only come this way Lighthouse in the San Juan Islandsonce…THANK YOU!!!”

  • Jer F. – Alaska Cruise


“In today’s cookie cutter world of cruise travel the David B. offers a truly unique motor vessel experience. Knowing you’re cruising aboard a 90 year old vessel lovingly restored by Jeffrey & Christine is so special.”

  • Malcolm M. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“What a wonderful knowledge filled couple. You can see and feel the love they have for their jobs! Christine’s cooking was a 5 star. Jeffery’s boat, you can tell is his pride and joy. This vacation was a 5 star experience.”

  • Carol W. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“The David B captain and crew treated us like family. The overall experience met our high expectations.”

  • Ruben and Tammie S. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“A trip on the DAVID B is a transformational experience, which is why we have gone twice and we will be back!”

  • Rich D. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“There is such flexibility being on the David B, as opposed to a cruise ship or a whale watching boat. There are planned activities, but if weather or animal activity come up, Jeffrey & Christine will accommodate changes. They are both so knowledgeable and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. We were heading to hike at a state park when it became clear that there was orca activity, so we changed course. We had the most amazing experience, between sightings and the hydrophone (we could hear them clicking, chattering & echolocating).”

  • Stephany F. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“If you are interested in the San Juans I cannot think of a better way to experience the area than on the David B with Christine and Jeffrey.”

  • Susanne F. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Christine and Jeffrey extended themselves to provide the ultimate wildlife and glacier experiences. And the five star restaurant was a constant treat.”

  • Dave and Christy S. – Alaska Cruise


“This is the BEST way to see the real Alaska (and I’m an Alaskan).”

  • Michelle L. – Alaska’s Marine Ecology Cruise with Whale Biologist Josh McInnes


“Loved being away from it all on a great boat and wonderful crew, surrounded by spectacular scenery.”

  • Julia T. – Alaska Cruise


“Jeffrey and Christine have a great talent in planning the entire trip in a way that every day you get to see or do something amazing. They have taken the time to find some of the more beautiful places I’ve ever been to. You can see how much they love doing these trips and how they make the guest experiences wonderful. Christine’s cooking….. absolutely delicious!!”

  • Matt V. – Photography Workshop with Adventures NW Magazine


“Everything about my trip was epic and awesome. Jeffrey and Christine are so thoughtful and have anticipated every possible detail that a passenger could want. There is no single thing that I enjoyed most – the entire experience was what I enjoyed most. It was a photographer’s delight with great variation in subject matter. Whales, porpoises, bears, tide pools, abandoned canneries, glaciers, fjords, rainbows and waterfalls!”

  • Marie D. – Photography Workshop with Adventures NW Magazine


“Probably our up close and personal beach outing with “Grandma” bear was a hit….. And as for the cooking…..5 kg later what more can I say…..what Christine turns out in her space is incredible!”

  • Rose B. – Alaska Cruise with Pack Creek Bear Viewing


“Seeing glacier Margerie for the first time … seeing seals, sea otters, a moose, a bear, and a pair of oystercatchers … and by no means last, Christine’s consummate skill with a wood stove.”

  • Elisabeth B. – Glacier Bay Photography Workshop with Adventures NW Magazine


“Trip was as advertised and then some! All of my pre-trip questions and concerned were answered frankly and truthfully. I cannot imagine a better way to experience this part of Alaska.”

  • Don S. – Alaska Cruise


“Prepare to starve yourself prior to going on a cruise- Christine’s cooking and baking is amazing. No matter how much I told myself not to have another muffin, cookie or whatever…it was too good to leave on the plate!”

  • Nan G. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“We have been sailing with Jeffery and Christine annually in the San Juan’s since 2010. We have explored the islands, gone to Victoria, watched orcas and seals, ate amazing food and have always had a great experience. We have watched the David B morph and become more & more perfect as a charter. This year we were fortunate to be the first to experience the new Saloon on the David B during the Victoria Boat Show. The Saloon really enhances the comfort level of the David B and provides a superb new space to hang out in. The David B is a great experience and can take you places that a cruise ship cannot. It is not fast, so you have time to enjoy the world. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

  • Joerg N. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“It’s hard to single out one moment, because the trip was so magnificent from beginning, (when Jeffrey had to rescue me from where I got lost in the parking lot), to the end, when Jeffrey so adroitly parked the David B in her slip, and Christine sent us off on our return home with her home baked goodies.”

  • Martin M. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“There are so many phenomenal moments from a trip on the David B that make it a truly remarkable vacation. Sometimes it’s just the quiet moments away from civilization. Then there’s the always yummy food. The scenery and wildlife are special as well. The list of favorite things about the David B vacations is long. But, Christine, Jeffrey and Sarah’s knowledge make it the best bet yet.”

  • Stacy S. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“When aboard the David B, I experienced some of the most awe inspiring scenery the world has to offer! From calving glaciers and mystic waterfalls to secluded coves. Majestic humpback whales, fishing brown bears, and a abundance of other mammals and marine creatures. Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable, adventurous, captain and guide. Christine also being an excellent wildlife spotter and a first class chef. Great experience upon the David B. Thanks Jeffrey and Christine!!!”

  • Joshua B. – Alaska Cruise


“Kayaking in a light rain with the salmon jumping all around us, Christine’s wonderful food from morning to night, Jeffery’s knack for getting us to the right place at the right time to see wildlife or glaciers calving, and the calm, welcoming atmosphere of the DAVID B are all my favorite memories.”

  • Daphne D. – Alaska Cruise


“I loved the relaxed pace, the quiet mornings with Christine’s good coffee (not to mention her granola) and of course the wildlife. Jeffery and Christine are wonderful hosts!”

  • Julie L. – Alaska Cruise


“From start, to finish, my experience aboard the David B was great. Honestly, it was the best trip of my life. Christine and Jeffrey are gracious, accomplished, fun, competent and so nice!”

  • Laurie C. – Alaska Cruise


“Jeffrey and Christine’s willingness to share their knowledge was very much appreciated…especially Christine’s birding expertise. I was continually impressed that she could produce delicious meals 3 times a day for 9 people with ease and grace. Jeffrey’s sense of humor is delightful.”

  • Linda P. – Inside Passage – Learn to Cruise


“I didn’t want to stop eating Christine’s pain au chocolate and the fresh sourdough bread from the woodstove.”

  • Martin and Sue M. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“We were so very well cared for – from Jeffrey’s boat knowledge and stories to Christine’s fantastic meals.”

  • Kay M. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“The four day San Juan Islands cruise more than met our expectations. The upgrade just completed made the time aboard very roomy and comfortable. Christine has mastered baking in a wood fired stove. Cruising with Jeffrey and Christine on the David B will be hard to beat.”

  • John M. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Dining on the David B is an experience in itself! Christine cooks gourmet meals on her wood burning stove and it is delightful to sit around the table and visit with everyone!”

  • Martha E. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Wonderful trip. We are lifetime boaters and the chance to once again come aboard with a captain and a mate was fabulous. Jeffery and Christine are perfect hosts. They quickly mended the six strangers into a cohesive group of new friends which made the trip that much better. Jeffery and Christine run the boat together but I guess Jeffery is the captain but we all know who is in charge! And by the way, that Christine can cook! ‘Nuff Said. If you like messin’ around with boats then you can’t have a better time than on the David B.”

  • Hank M. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Greatly impressed with the spiritual communion between Jeffrey and that old engine. Like a great conductor with an orchestra, he heard things no other mortal could.”

  • Harry S. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Best vacation trip by far. A short 4 day get-a-way that was total relaxation. This was my second trip on the David B and I will do it again one day.”

  • Terry E. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Our trip to the Padre Islands on the David B. with Christine & Jeffrey will remain one of our most memorable vacations for some time. The David B. is a mechanical marvel and watching Christine & Jeffrey share the myriad tasks associated with its daily operation was truly inspiring. The nautical experience was especially precious for Bill, as it brought back memories of his Navy years. Christine’s culinary delights and Jeffrey’s descriptive stories of the area and its history made each day a new adventure to anticipate. The camaraderie at the meal table was delightful, and while being treated to marvelous food and drink, made for a wonderful sharing of experiences and memories that we’ll cherish for a long time. We look forward to sharing our story of this journey with many others and with keeping in touch with Christine & Jeffrey as they continue to delight others with travels on the David B. in our Country’s wondrous Northwest.”

  • Bill and Calina E. – San Juan Islands Cruise


“Truly outstanding. Jeffrey and Christine did everything possible to make our trip enjoyable.”

  • Jerry and Christine P. – Canadian Inside Passage – Learn to Cruise


“Cruising with the David B through Alaska has been the best vacation we could ask for. Great food, wonderful sites and terrific people. A simply perfect experience!”

  • Amy and Harris H. – Alaska’s Whales and Ecology with Killer Whale Biologist Josh McInnes


“Jeffery is very knowledgeable in navigation and Christine is a great cook. They made my trip of 12 days very comfortable. While I was not interested in the actual navigation, there was plenty I learned on the trip.”

  • George F. – Canadian Inside Passage  – Learn to Cruise