• Thinking about making a reservation?
    • Click on “Contact Us” to get started with your reservation.
    • We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to make your reservation. The balance is due 90 days before the trip sails.
    • We don’t charge extra for solo travelers in a private cabin.
    • Read this article find out what happens when you say, “Sign me up, Sarah!”

Cancellations and Rescheduling

  • What if I need to make a change or cancel my reservation?
    • We think trips on the David B are a once in a lifetime experience, but we do understand that things happen. We try to be flexible to passenger’s needs while still running a small business.
    • As soon as possible email Sarah to make any changes to your reservation.
      • You may transfer your reservation to another person. There is a $100 per person fee to do this.
      • If your trip is more than 90 days away, your trip deposit is non-refundable, however we can reschedule your trip. There is a $100 per person fee to do this.
      • If your trip is between 89-0 days away, all payments made are non-refundable. The reservation cannot be rescheduled, but can be transferred as noted above.

Passenger Policies

Trip Insurance

  • Should I purchase Trip/Travel Insurance?David B near Sawyer Glacier in Alaska
    • Yes, we strongly suggest that you purchase trip/travel insurance to protect yourself in the event you need to cancel your trip.
    • We recommend: InsureMyTrip.
    • Passengers have also used travelguard.com if you would like to compare different options.

Covid Policies

  • What are your current Covid Policies?
    • All crew and passengers must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination.
    • Testing before boarding may be required.
    • We comply with all current Canada, Alaska and Washington Travel Requirements.
    • Visit our Covid Policies Page here.

Cell Phones

    • Is there cell phone coverage?
        • Yes, on all of our trips there is coverage at some times.
        • David B in Endicott Arm in AlaskaOn Alaska trips there will be coverage for a couple hours, 2-3 times during the voyage.
        • On the Canadian Inside Passage trips, there is coverage at least every other day or more.
        • On San Juan Island trips there is almost continuous coverage.
    • Can I charge my cell phone onboard?
        • Yes, there is an outlet in every cabin — see below.

What to Pack

    • What should I bring on my trip?
        • Here is our list of What to Bring with suggestions for what to pack. Sarah always recommends rain pants and slippers. We have water proof boots on board so you can save room in your luggage.

Amenities Onboard the David B

    • Do You have electricity?cabin on small cruise ship
        • Yes, there is a regular (120V) household style receptacle outlet in each stateroom and in numerous other spots around the vessel.
    • Is electricity available at all times?
        • Yes, it is always on, powered by a silent inverter and a battery bank.
    • Can I bring a hair dryer?
        • Yes, a small one.
    • Is the electricity onboard safe for my laptop/cell phone/camera charger?
        • Yes, we run several computers on it and it is very stable.
    • Can I bring my CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Device?
        • Yes, you can use it just like you would at home, and there is an outlet close to each bed to plug it into.
        • Plus, we make reverse osmosis water (see below), so you do not have a bring a separate jug of distilled water.Bathtub on a boat
    • Is there enough fresh water for showers? Yes, we have big water tanks (415 gallons), and also a reverse osmosis watermaker, so there is always plenty of hot water for showers, baths, and all the regular uses. There are neither restrictions on the number of showers you take nor on shower times.
    • How much space is there for storage of my luggage? Each stateroom has space under the bunk for large suitcases and lots of hooks for hanging items. We recommend soft-sided luggage over hard cases.
    • What is included in each cabin?
        • Each cabin has its own sink (with hot and cold water), its own toilet, at
          Interior of small cruise ship
          Stairs to cabins and shared restroom (head).

          least one standard outlet, an overhead light, reading lights, drinking glasses, sheets and bedding, a comforter, 4 pillows, bath and face towels and washcloths, a flashlight, a smoke detector, life jackets (PFD’s), and survival suits.

    • Are the cabins accessible?
        • Yes and No. You do need to go down a spiral staircase to get to the staterooms, but so far we haven’t had any passengers who have had trouble with it (including several 80+ yr olds). It does have a railing as you go up and down. Our bunks are raised and we provide a step stool in each cabin.

Safety Onboard

    • What safety gear is onboard?
        • We are proud to say that we participate in the USCG Alaska 5-Star Safety program and have a 5-star rating. We have all the legally required equipment onboard, along with a lot of additional equipment:
            • (10) SOLAS Adult Life Jackets (USCG Approved Type I PFD’s)
            • (8) Standard Life Jackets (USCG Approved Type II PFD’s)
            • (12) Type III Life Jackets (for kayaking only)
            • (3) USCG Approved Type IV Throwable Life Rings
            • (1) 10 Person USCG Approved Inflatable Life Raft rated Oceans — SOLAS AWheelhouse on small cruise ship
            • (1) 6 Person Inflatable Life Raft
            • (8) Cold Water Immersion Suits (Survival Suits)
            • Flares and Parachute Flares
            • (6) Fire Extinguishers
            • (6) Smoke Detectors
            • (3) CO Detectors
            • (1) Large First Aid Kit
            • Several Small First Aid Kits
            • 2-way Radios for shore party communications
            • (2) Bear Spray Canisters
            • (1) AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
    • What safety and navigation equipment is onboard?Motor Vessel David B interior Saloon
        • (1) 24 mile Radar
        • (1) 16 mile Radar
        • (2) GPS Receivers
        • (1) AIS Transceiver
        • (1) VHF Radio
        • (3) VHF Handheld Radio
        • (1) Satellite Telephone
        • (3) Cell Phones
        • (2) InReach Satellite Texting Devices
        • Depth Sounder
        • Ships Clock
        • (3) Computer Based Chart Plotters
        • Electronic Charts covering Mexico to the Bering Sea
        • Paper Charts covering Puget Sound to Cook Inlet

The David B and its Crew

    • How big, (fast, tall) is the David B?
      • The David B is 65 feet (20m) long, 16 feet (4.8m)wideThe draft is 7 feet (2.1m).
      • Her actual weight (displacement) is about 65 tons (130,000 pounds – 59000kg).
      • Her Gross Register Tonnage is 102 and her Net is 81.
      • Her mast is 42 feet (12.8m) above the water.
      • She is powered by a 100hp (74kw), 325rpm 3-cylinder Washington-Estep Diesel engine.
      • She carries up to 8 passengers in 4 staterooms.
      • She requires at least a captain and a cook/deckhand/engineer but can carry as many as 3 crew.
    • What licensing does the crew have?
          • Captain and Chef on the small cruise ship David BCaptain Jeffrey has a license as Master (captain) of Inland motor, sail, and steam vessels not greater than 500 Gross Tons, and Near-Coastal motor, sail, and steam vessels not greater than 200 Gross tons. His license also allows him to serve as Mate on Inland Motor vessels up to 1600 Gross Tons and Ocean motor, sail and steam vessels up to 500 Tons, and on inland tug boats. He also holds a current Transportation Worker Identification Card issued by Homeland Security, and a Washington State Drivers license (any car-all highways and byways).
        • Captain Christine has a license as Master of Inland motor and steam vessels not greater than 200 Gross Tons. She also holds a current Transportation Worker Identification Card issued by Homeland Security and a Washington State Driver’s license.
    • What training does the crew have? All crew have first-aid training and also participate in regular drills onboard. Jeffrey also has basic and advanced shipboard firefighting training.Jeffrey at Baird Glacier in AK
    • Does Christine have any special training to be a chef and a naturalist?
          • In addition to being trained by her Grandmother Isackson and Great-grandmother Brown, Christine holds a Pastry Certificate from Bellingham Technical College Culinary School.
          • Christine is an avid birder and has worked as a volunteer interpreter for the Eagle Watchers on the Skagit River from 1997 to 2008. She was a founding member of the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and served for two years as a board member and Secretary for the North Cascades Audubon Society in Bellingham, Washington.
        • Christine was also a former professional landscaper and a Master Gardener. She also has a Bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University in Cultural Anthropology(1993).Kayaking in Alaska Photo Tour

Kayaking and Shore Activities

    • What kayaks can the passengers use?
        • The David B carries 5 kayaks.
            • (1) Northwest Kayaks Discover single.
            • (4) Pelican Argo 136XP Tandem
    • Will I get wet kayaking? Is it hard to get in? No, we have people board the boats
    • from a seated position in our skiff, and we hold the kayak stable while you get in and out, so no one gets wet. You might get a little wet while paddling if you splash yourself.
    • Do you have all the kayak gear I will need to paddle?
        • Yes, we have paddling PFD’s, spray skirts, paddles for everyone onboard.
    • Will I need special clothing for paddling a kayak?
        • No, not necessarily. We tend to kayak in long-sleeved tech-fabric shirts and ordinary long pants or shorts. Special Boots at Fords Terrorshoes are not necessary either. A thin raincoat might be necessary and sometimes a fleece pullover depending upon the weather.
    • Do I need anything special for shore excursions?
        • Not really, we have lots of rubber boots (cannery worker style) that are good for hikes on the beach and in mucky spots, and we have most sizes for everyone onboard. Regular clothes for hiking are acceptable as well. We also have a couple of pairs of hiking poles that people can use.


    • Can I go fishing on the David B?
        • Yes, if you bring your own gear. Please note that you will need to obtain a fishing license specific to the waters we will be in during the cruise.
        • If you would like to go sports fishing before or after your trip, we can make recommendations for outfitters in Petersburg or Juneau.

Food Onboard

    • Are you able to accommodate special diets?
        • Yes, we have cooked for vegetarians, glucose, and lactose intolerant guests, and for specific food allergies.
        • However, if you have a nut/seed/shellfish allergy or have celiac disease you should contact us first.
        • Regardless of your special food requests, we do need to know in advance, so make sure you tell us when you book your trip.
    • Can you do special requests?Galley Table set for dinner on the Motor Vessel David B
        • Yes, we have made lots of special meals/desserts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate you.


    • What do you recommend for a tip?
        • Tipping is optional and depending on your experience we suggest a 15% tip that can be split amongst the crew.
        • If you did not bring cash or a check with you, we can always invoice you after your trip. Just ask Sarah.

Preferred Flights

    • Do you have preferred flights to get to the boat?
        • We strongly recommend that you plan to fly in the night before your trip to avoid any travel delays.
        • Check to make sure that you have enough time in between flights if you have to change planes.
        • If you plan to fly out the same day we return, give yourself at least two hours after our cruise is scheduled to arrive back in port.
        • In general once you fly to Seattle, then Alaska Airlines flies to all of our ports of call.

The David B is for anyone searching for a specialized cruise on an uncommon boat.

Contact us to experience the David B for yourself!