Everything is so much bigger than you imagined. The mountains reach from the sea to the sky. Tide-water glaciers calve crystal-blue icebergs the size of skyscrapers into deep cold-water ancient fjords.  It’s a place where salmon-fed brown bears rule the forests, streams, and tidelands. It’s also a place where the explosive and towering breath of a foraging humpback whale lingers on the horizon.

Alaska is a Majestic Wilderness.

A photo might capture the essence of Alaska, but not the emotion of standing on deck as mist from a waterfall cascading three-thousand feet down a glacier-polished granite wall settles onto your face. The way to really experience the powerful nature of Alaska is to immerse yourself in it — right up close. To walk quietly among the lichen-draped trees in an ancient forest. To breathe in the forest’s rich mossy air as overhead a raven’s wing brushes past mature boughs. To paddle past the fantastically shaped icebergs where perched bald eagles watch your every move. To suddenly spot a brown bear, previously hidden at the forest’s edge, make a gentle movement, and for a moment you watch each other closely before she blends back into the greens, browns, and shadows of the old-growth forest. To listen to a humpback mother’s song and clicks, while her growing calf playfully breaches and splashes.

These are the kind of moments we can share with you.

The magic of these moments only happens when you have the time to pause, to look around, and to take in all that surrounds you. The pace of our small ship cruises on the David B is slow. We focus on the spaces between the destinations –the experiences, the emotions, and nature. This means you’ll see more, you’ll feel more, and you’ll gain more.

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