David B Deck Plan










The David B has four guest cabins. One of our cabins, Sockey, has a queen-sized bunk. Two of our cabins, Coho and Chinook, can be in either a queen bed or a staggered bunk bed configuration. One cabin, Keta, has over-under bunks which are extra-long. All guest cabins have private sink and toilet.

Sockeye – Port Side Aft

Sockeye – Queen Bed Cabin

Coho – Starboard Side Aft

Coho – Queen Bed Configuration
Coho – Staggered Bunk Bed Configuration












Chinook – Port Side Mid

Chinook – Queen Bed Configuration
Chinook – Staggered Bunk Bed Configuration












Keta – Port Side Forward

Keta – Bunk Bed Cabin


Shared Restroom (Head)

Bathtub on a boat
David B full sized bath

The David B’s shared restroom (head) is located in the most forward part of the boat. It is accessed by going downs a short flight of stairs. The shared head has a sink, toilet, shower/bathtub, high ceilings, and hot and cold water.






Staircase to Cabins and Shared Head

To get to the cabins, you descend down a short flight of stairs in the forward part of the boat. There’s a comfortable handrail, and the stairs are lit at night with soft red lights for convenience.

Interior of small cruise ship
Stairs to cabins and shared restroom (head).










The wheelhouse of the David B is always accessible. It’s a great space to spot wildlife, talk with the crew, and take in the scenery. There is a single step with handrail to get to the bridgedeck. Once on the bridgedeck, there is seating for three on the port side and seating for two on the starboard side.

Wheelhouse on small cruise ship
David B’s wheelhouse looking from the starboard side to the port side.









The Saloon

The main cabin, or Saloon, is one of the best places to be on the David B. It has large windows for viewing, two big settees, and a handcrafted Stickley craftsman seat. We are also proud to have a custom coffee table created specifically for the David B’s saloon by master woodworker Jeff Hills from Taos Wood Shop. The saloon also has a small parlor stove for heat, a library filled with books from local and regional authors, field guides for identifying wildlife and maps and charts. There are also plenty of binoculars to use, and outlets for charging your electronic devices.

Interior of the Motor Vessel David B
David B’s main cabin also called the Saloon 









Between the Saloon and the Galley is the pantry. There is a washer and dryer that is available upon request during trips. The cook’s dried stores, a refrigerator, and freezer are also in the pantry. Natural overhead light in the galley and pantry is from a large skylight.

interior of a small cruse ship
The Pantry is the pass-through between the saloon and galley.












The galley on the David B is a favorite place for many. It’s always cozy with the wood-fired cookstove going, the smells of homemade bread baking, and freshly brewed coffee.

Small Cruise Ship Galley
The David B’s wood-fired cook stove and galley dining area.