Why Pick the David B for Your Small Ship Adventure

The David B Has Privacy

The accommodations aboard the small ship David B are comfortable and private. All of our cabins have a private “head”. That means you get your own sink and toilet. Each cabin is clean, and spacious with natural light, fresh air, comfortable beds, and warm bedding. The Chinook, Sockeye, and Coho staterooms each have a queen-sized bed. Our Keta stateroom has two single bunks, both of which are extra-long. All of our passenger cabins have lots of storage for your belongings and more than 7-foot high standing headroom. For more information visit the interior layout page. The David B also has another shared head that is very spacious, and has a cast-iron bathtub, fireplace, sink and toilet, natural light and fresh air.

The Number of Passengers Aboard the David B is Limited to Just Eight People

That gives you personalized attention by the crew. From meals that Christine prepares to the anchorages that Capt. Jeffrey chooses each day, your adventure cruise will be unique and customized just for you. It also give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow passengers and you will have a space reserved at the Captain’s Table for every meal.

People Cruising Aboard the David B are Like You

If you are looking to come on a small ship cruise with us and you are curious about the type of people who come aboard the David B, here is what you can expect. Our passengers are like you. They are looking for an adventure that is different, off the beaten path and authentic. They are curious about the world around them, enjoy the outdoors, and being on the water. They are often interested in geology, wildlife, history, literature, photography, boats, good food and great conversation.

The Crew of the David B is Experienced and Professional

Capt. Jeffrey has been working on passenger boats since 1992 and holds a 500 Ton Captain’s License. Christine got her start on passenger boats as a naturalist in 2001 and then began cooking on boats. She also has a 100 Ton Captain’s License.

The David B also is equipped with all the safety gear as required by the US Coast Guard.

We Go Where the Mega-Cruise Ships Don’t and Often Can’t

Our style of cruising is slow-paced and we focus on the spaces between the destinations. The Inside Passage and Alaska are a unique experience. We anchor each night so you get to feel and connect with the quiet coves and bays on your cruise with us. This is in sharp contrast to the industrialized mega-ship cruise lines where you are shuffled from destination to destination with thousands of other people. While the cruise ships are running through the night with their casinos, bright lights, loud public address systems, dance halls, movie theaters and hair salons, you’ll be listening to the gentle lapping of water against the hull of the David B and the occasional breath of a seal surfacing just a few feet off in our secluded anchorage. Check out the video from one of our Alaska cruises where a young humpback whale spent the evening feeding in our anchorage.

The David B is the perfect alternative to mainstream cruise ships or for anyone searching for a specialized cruise on an uncommon boat. Contact us to experience the David B for yourself!