Thinking About the David B vs. Big Cruise Ships

I was wasting time on Facebook this morning and an ad for one of the large cruise ship companies came up. I only caught a glimpse of the headline before I switched to another page, but the headline went something like We take more people to Alaska than any other company. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it started me thinking that what we do is the exact opposite. We take fewer people to Alaska than most any other cruise company. In fact we only have space for 18 people to cruise with us in Alaska during the 2010 season. That’s not a lot when compared to the 3000 or so people that Princess or Holland America put on their boats most every day.

So why would anyone want to come with us when we have so few spaces available and the spaces we do have are expensive when compared to a bargain basement cruise on one of the big ship companies? It comes down to the quality of your Alaskan experience.

For many people visiting Alaska is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you want to really make the most of it you should make sure the company you are going with is one that focuses the quality of your experience, not the sheer number of people it carries year after year. Yes, we are more expensive, but what you get when you come with us is a unique cruise with individual attention.

Each morning Jeffrey checks the weather, the tides and the charts before we raise anchor. He also chats with passengers to see which ideas he has for each day really excited everyone before we head out. Every day I wake up at 5am to start to wood-fired cook stove in the galley and begin to make coffee, pastries, breads and all of your meals. Before your cruise I will have talked with you to make sure that I know what foods you like or if you have dietary restrictions so that when you arrive on the boat I have a customized menu made especially just for your cruise.

We feel strongly that carrying only a few people each trip does add to the quality of your experience. Over the time that we have been going to Alaska we have made friends with our passengers and enjoy hearing from them and keeping in contact. They have become part of the family and it is something we are very proud of and something that is very different from the big cruise ship companies.