Personalized Cruising Aboard the David B

Lots of people want to go on a cruise in Alaska, but many people don’t want to go on a big cruise ship. Often times these people decide against to Alaska because they don’t realize that there are many smaller boats owned and operated by people like Captain Jeffrey and me.

We started Northwest Navigation in 1998 and spent 8 years restoring our classic  Pacific Northwest work boat, the David B, especially for people who would prefer a cruise vacation that takes you away from busy port cities crammed with tourists and cruise shipcompany owned t-shirt shops. On the David B we’ll transport you to places of unhurried solitude with lots of space to breathe, such as Frederick Sound for whale watching.

When we watch humpback whales in Frederick Sound we are often the only boat around. Since our schedule is flexible we have time to stop, turn off the engine and truly experience the lives of the whales around us. Not only do we get to watch them as they feed, but we hear their breath as they surface and see the air bubbles that they exhale around groups of small fish to form a “bubble net”. We watch them as they lunge to the surface of the water engulfing the trapped fish and then as the whales slide back down under the surface. Every so often we’ll have the good fortune to hear the Siren like sounds of the whales as they vocalize underwater. It’s a haunting sound that seems to rise up out of the water and spill out on to the surface, its origin muted by the depth.

The video below is of a couple whales in Frederick Sound about 300-500 feet off the boat. At the beginning one whale had just surfaced about 50 feet from the boat and then slid back under water. What I like most about this video is that it really captures the sounds of the whales as they surface and dive.

With no more than six passengers on our cruises we welcome each person aboard the David B as though they are long lost friends. We share experiences (like watching the whales) together. Many people say that somewhere along they way they come to view the boat as their own and us as friends. To Capt. Jeffrey and me, that’s a huge compliment and that feeling of home and friendship is something we strive for with each and every trip on the David B. As we head into the New Year we are looking forward to continuing the David B’s legacy as an alternative cruise vacation. We also look forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones. I’m especially looking forward to returning to Alaska, getting away crowds and spending time watching and listening to the humpbacks of Frederick Sound. I hope to see you there!

Happy New Year!