More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B – The Book

Rebuilding the David B
Jeffrey and Christine Rebuilding the David B in 1999

This fall I was encouraged by two of our passengers, Pam and Marla, to write a book about rebuilding the David B. My first thought was, “No way!” but after Marla told me that there was no one better than myself to write down our story I began to think that this was something that I could do. I’ve run marathons and ultra-marathons, so sitting down in front of my computer for two hours a day shouldn’t be too different from sticking to a training schedule. Well the dedication payed off and I finished the first draft of the book about a month ago.

The book, its working title is More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B, takes place over the three weeks Jeffrey, Sean, Aaron, and I took the boat from Bellingham to Juneau for our first cruise with real passengers. Along the way we reflect back on the unusual people and adventures we had rebuilding the boat as well as some new adventures we had during our maiden voyage.

Writing the book has been an amazing experience filled with a lot of emotion; something I had not expected. As I spend time in the editing process, revising, rewriting and re-reading the stories of how we brought our near-derelict boat from rotting hulk to beautiful passenger boat, I find myself alternatively filled with tears, joy and the question, “Just what were we thinking?”

When I’m finished I think it is a story you will enjoy reading and I will enjoy sharing.I’m hoping to have the book available in late December or early 2011. We’ll keep you posted!

PS -I’ve been working with a wonderful editor, Susan Colleen Browne, author of A Little Farm in the Foothills who’s helped me get started in the art of editing.