David B and the Terrible Rocks – A children’s book

David B is now a children’s book character! Join David B and his marine and forest friends on adventures in the Great Salmon Sea! David B and the Terrible Rocks is the first in a planned series of books to inspire children’s curiosity in nature, problem-solving, and social skills. The series is eye-catching, witty, and a delight to both parent and child. Recommended age 3-5 years old and the young at heart.

Kids Book David B and the Terrible Rocks

David B didn’t want to go home to Comfy Cove. He wanted to stay up late, just like the big boats that would pass by his anchorage in the middle of the night. Instead of going home, he decided to keep on exploring. As it turned to night, David B marveled at how the water sparkled in the moonlight. The moon began to set, and his wonder turned into caution, then fear as he remembered an old tale of boat-eating rocks that would come to life on moonless nights. In the dark, he hears something breathing, but it’s not the scary rocks. It’s something else…

Written by Christine Smith and Illustrated by Rebecca Rothman.

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Download free coloring pages based on David B and the Terrible Rocks.

Coloring Book for David B and the Terrible Rocks