With all Due Respect to our Competition…

With all due respect to our competition, I really think that guests have a better experience aboard the Motor Vessel David B than on any of the other vessels that ply the same routes as we do. On any boat in Alaska you’ll see whales, glaciers and probably bears, but aren’t their other things that you really want if you’re planning on spending a week or more of your time and a pretty good chunk of change on a vacation? Things like comfort, luxury, expertise that you are really looking for. Here is a list of reasons why the David B is superior to our competition:

    • All of our staterooms have a private head (bathroom) with a toilet, connected to the room.
    • All of the baked goods (and almost everything else) from our galley is made right onboard from scratch, including the croissants and pain au chocolat.Handmade Fresh Croissants and Pain au Chocolat
    • There is freshly baked bread at every lunch and dinner.
    • We have a cast iron bathtub (and shower) with a fireplace for your enjoyment.
    • And there’s unlimited hot water to use.
    • The boat has amazing spots onboard for wildlife and nature viewing. The Bridge Deck has a 360 degree view and the galley table area has a 300 degree view. On deck there’s lots of room to sit or stretch out.
    • And you’re allowed on the bridge. You can even drive the boat if you want.
    • You can come in the galley and chat with the Chef. She even likes it.
    • You won’t be asked to do any dishes. Never. Ever. Unless for some reason, you want to.
    • We have real fiberglass kayaks, not the roto-molded plastic, sit on top kind, but tough stable cruising boats like experienced paddlers use. They’re are great for beginners too.
    • We have lots of places to plug in your chargers and CPAP equipment.
    • It’s quiet onboard at night, because we don’t run a generator at night. Ever.
    • We have lots of space under the bunks for luggage.
    • Everything from the galley is cooked on a wood-burning cookstove so it has a wonderful wood smoke taste and there is no diesel cookstove smell in the galley.
    • There are lockable doors on all the cabins.
    • Our small group-size means that you will get to do what you want.

      David B Crew
      The David B's Crew - Chrstine and Jeffrey Dressed Up
    • And the boat is affordable to charter if you want the whole thing for your group,
    • or if you are traveling alone, we never have a single supplement.

And, if all that weren’t enough,

  • we think, the David B has the best looking crew.

So what are you waiting for? Read some of our testimonials, check our reviews, look at the pictures of what we do, then call us and sign up.
When was the last time you had a truly great vacation?