This Week at the Shipyard

We’ve been pretty busy on the David B this week. While we still have four months until we start our 2010 cruising season, we’ve got a lot of winter maintenance to do to be ready for our first trip in May. We like to haulout the David B once a year. We usually do this in March, but the shipyard had a half price special on their haul outs, so on Monday we took the boat over to Seaview North Shipyard. It’s been really nice weather-wise with some unseasonably warm weather thanks to this year’s El Nino.

I’ve already spent about 20 hours with my trusty Porter-Cable Right Angle Random Orbit Sander  and I think I probably have about 6 more hours to go before I can start painting. I always seem to

The David B in the Slings
The David B in the Slings for our Annual Winter Haul Out

forget just how big the David B is until we haul her out of the water and I start sanding.

Our to-do list for 2010 consists of removing the propeller and having it reshaped so that we can hopefully get a little more speed out of the boat. There’s of course lots of sanding and painting for the hull  and varnish for the rubrail and billboards, plus Jeffrey’s got a project with the rudder post that includes 30 pounds of some modern tallow-like substance that he’ll be melting down and pouring into the rudder box. We also rented a laser level and on Wednesday night Jeffrey marked where the new boot stripe is going to be painted. Our friend and kayak-guide Tim, came by for a couple afternoons to help me sand the outside of the boat. That’s been a huge help.

Christine after a day of sanding the David b
Christine after a day of sanding the David B

Next week I’m hoping to finish sanding and that the weather will stay mild so I can paint. Jeffrey should be able to do his rudder box project and the propeller should be back by Thursday. With some luck we’ll be back in the water by the following Monday and testing out our newly re-pitched propeller. We hare hoping to increase our speed for 6.5 knots to 7.5 or maybe even 8 knots.