Holkham Bay Skiff Ride

Iceberg from an Alaska Small Ship Cruise

In the early evening before dinner, we took our guests on a skiff ride in Holkham Bay to look at the icebergs that had grounded at Wood Spit. Getting to listen to the water gently lapping up against the berg and the meltwater dripping into Holkham Bay just added to its beauty.

This photo was taken on a Petersburg to Juneau 8-Day cruise in August 2019. To learn more about this itinerary visit this link.

Wait for it…

One of the most thrilling things we get to do on our cruises is to wait and watch for glaciers to calve. Just when you think it’s time to go and you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t see anything big, the glacier answers with a thunderous crack and an enormous splash.

Dawes Glacier calving in Alaska aboard a small cruise ship
A slab of ice several stories tall begins to fall from the face of Dawes Glacier.


Dawes glacier calving in Endicott Arm. Watched from a small cruise ship in Alaska
Once the slab starts to break free of the glacier, it seems to fall in slow-motion.
A big splash from a calving glacier in Alaska's Tracy Arm Fords Terror wilderness.
Once the ice crashes into Endicott Arm, it’s impossible to hold back a cheer to Mother Nature and the power of the glacier.