We want you to start your day right –with a cup of our very own custom roasted coffee.

All Cylinders is a medium roast with low acid and a nice smooth flavor. It also has a bit of a chocolatey finish to help make sure you too are firing on all cylinders.

For over 90 years, the steady heartbeat of the David B has been its original Washington Iron Works, 3-cylinder diesel engine. We’ve always felt that the Washington was as much a piece of kinetic sculpture as it is machinery. The people at Washington Iron Works built their engines with pride. Over the years, we’ve talked with several former employees who worked at Washington Iron Works and they have all talked about how special it was to work there. While Washington made several thousand engines in Seattle, very few remain. Many were removed during World War II and then as more modern engines became less labor-intensive even engines like the David B’s were removed from boats. There are only seven Washingtons that are still operational in boats. It is a testament to the people who worked at Washington Iron Works that the engines they built were made to last and after 90-plus years, our Washington is still firing on all cylinders.

You can find All Cylinders coffee in the David B’s store:  https://store.northwestnavigation.com/