Canada’s Gulf Islands Desolation Sound & Broughton Archipelago


Join us for 12-days of adventure exploring British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago where the your day’s events are based Nature’s ebb and flow. Here, amongst glacially carved islands, the currents run quickly through constricted narrows and only allow us passage during times of slack water. This small ship cruise will take you to uncommon anchorages and out-of-the-way places as we explore the lesser known channels and islands of the Inside Passage that runs the length of Vancouver Island.


Sample Itinerary for our 12-Day Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and Broughton Archipelago Cruise

Please note that this is just a sample itinerary and subject to change.

Day 1 – San Juan Islands and Southern Gulf Islands
Board the David B in Bellingham at 9:00am:Your adventure starts in Bellingham  where we’ll cruise to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. Once we’ve cleared out with US Customs we’ll head over  to Sydney, British Columbia to clear in with Customs Canada before arriving at our first evening’s anchorage in Bedwell Harbour.
Day 2 – Southern Gulf Islands
The anchor will be raised early as we cruise through the Gulf Islands and Georgia Strait to Lasqueti Island where we’ll anchor for the night. There are lots of opportunities for adventure as you kayak along the shoreline.
Day 3 – Desolation Sound

After breakfast we’ll raise anchor and continue on our cruise to Desolation Sound where we’ll spend the night. While you’re there you’ll have time to go ashore and stretch our legs or hop back into a kayak to spend sometime exploring.

Day 4 – Desolation Sound

We’ll be timing our departure from Desolation Sound based on the time for slack water at Yucluta and Dent Rapids. Along the way you’ll continue your  adventure cruise through Desolation Sound by motoring through Waddington Channel, Pryce, Raza and Calm Channels. When we get to the Yuculta and Dent we’ll keep our eyes open for Eagles, Seals and Sea Lions that congregate in these nutrient rich waters. On occasion we have seen orca whales waiting for slack water to transit through the rapids. Once through Yuculta and Dent we’ll end the day’s travel by anchoring in Bickley Bay.

Day 5 – Inside Channels

While at Bickley Bay we’ll have some time for hiking around Blind Channel and even a stop at the Blind Channel Marina and Resort. Like the previous day we’ll be leaving our anchorage based on the time of slack water at Green Point and Whirlpool Rapids. Depending on our timing we’ll either cruise Wellborne Channel or Johnstone Strait, either way we’ll drop anchor at Port Harvey.

Day 6 – Inside Channels, Knight Inlet and Broughton Archipelago

After exploring Port Harvey, you’ll cruise between the mainland and East Cracroft Island through the narrow Chatham Channel, into Knight Inlet and over to the Broughton Archipelago. We’ll have lots of time to explore on foot and in kayaks once we’ve anchored in Waddington Bay.

Day 7 – Broughton Archipelago, Blackfish Sound and Johnstone Strait

In the morning we’ll get underway early to cruise through the islands of the Broughton Archipelago and to arrive in Johnstone Strait early. We’ll keep our eyes open for orca whales while we pass through Blackfish Sound and through Johnstone Strait on our way to Port Neville for the evening.

Day 8 – Johnstone Strait

We’ll continue down Johnstone Strait and then into Discovery Passage and into Okisollo Passage to Owen Bay. We’ll also plan for the next day as to whether we’ll continue down Discovery Passage and through Seymour Narrows or take the lesser-known Surge Narrows route. While in Owen Bay we’ll have time for exploring this out-of-the-way anchorage.

Day 9 – Strait of Georgia

We’ll leave Owen Bay for either Seymour or Surge Narrows depending on what we decided the night before and what time slack water is for the Narrows. We’ll have lots of ground to cover today to get to Deep Bay off of Vancouver Islands near Denman Island.

Day 10 – Gulf Islands

We’ll leave Deep Bay and return to the Gulf Islands. Our route will take you through Dodd Narrows again, but you’ll spend the  the rest of the day’s cruise through different passages and channels from the ones you cruised through on the way north. Our destination for tonight is Montague Harbour. Once we are anchored and after dinner you’ll have the chance to catch the Pub Bus to the Hummingbird Inn. It’s an experience and a real adventure that we highly recommend.

Day 11 – San Juan Islands
We’ll be making a short stop in Roche Harbor to check in with US Customs before heading over to Garrison Bay on San Juan Island. It’s a great place for kayaking or to take a hike to the top of Mount Young for an amazing panorama view of the San Juan and Gulf Islands.

Day 12 – San Juan Islands

Your last day of your small ship adventure cruise will be a relaxing day spent cruising through the San Juan Islands and back to the David B’s slip in Bellingham.

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