Songs of the David B – Part 1

Guest's Logbook
Guest's Logbook

This summer we had many wonderful entries in the David B’s guest book that we keep on the galley table. It’s where we encourage people to record memories, poetry, artwork, and songs. For Jeffrey and me, it’s a keepsake of the experiences that our passengers have had while on board. Now that the summer cruising season is over and we have the David B secure to the dock, we have time to relax and read back through our passenger’s words.

There were two songs composed over the summer that were particularly fun. The first one was written by Ann T. from Wirral, England. She sang it to us at the galley table after dinner on the last night of her trip in Alaska. It’s rhythm was a little like a rap. She left us a note saying that this song is to be sung to the sound of the engine. Here’s a link to play a recording of the  David B’s engine in case you’d like to give it a try.

The second song I’ll save for another post. We’d like to thank Ann for taking the time to leave us such a wonderful memory of a great trip.

Rhythm of Life on the David B

(To be read to the sound of the engine)

I’m on the David B
Braving the mist
Muffins for breakfast
Everyone’s Blessed.

I’m on the David B
Enjoying the view
Whales and seals
And a loon or two.

I’m on the David B
Sharing a meal
Gourmet cooking
It’s such a great deal.

I’m on the David B
With boots Xtra-tuf
The Alaskan fashion
And that’s good enough.

I’m on the David B
Exploring all day
Through inlet and cove
Jeff shows the way.

Out with the skiff
And kayaks too
We’ll wander to places
Only seen by a few

We’ll follow a bear
And discover his lair
We’re ready to run
If we find him there.

We’ll laze in the sun
as ice floats by
Snow-capped mountains
Under clear sky.

I’m on the David B
As Christine kneads dough
She’s somewhere else
There’s no place to go.

I’m on the David B
I’m somewhere else
Where the rhythm of life
Is a a wondrous dance.

I’m having a bath
To the engine’s song
I could stay here
For ever so long

I’m on the David B
On the crest of a wave
I’ll be coming again
So better I save.

Ann T.  August 07, 2010 – No Name Cove, Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness.

Ann Kayaking
Ann Kayaking in Alaska