Whisky Golf–The Never ending Sourdough

Time: 0851 Position: 48 45.25N 122 30.26W

Whisky Golf, the sour dough starter that came alive in the Canadian Military Exercise area WG lives on. Over the winter Christine brings it out for a day or two, feeds it, makes a loaf of bread or two, and sends it back to the fridge. A couple of days ago she made some whole-wheat, sourdough rolls for a dinner with a friend, and today a sourdough, cheddar-jalapeno twist bread

Doesn’t that make you want to come visit? (And sail with us?)


More snow, more projects…

Time: 0845 Position: 48 45.25N 122 30.26W

Just a few more thoughts about the projects… I really love to make the improvements that require the cognative work as well as the physical. For example, how does one build a system to skim the oil from the surface of the bilge water, thats effective at skimming and cost effective? Or how about creating a power generation system that is stable and requires little or no monitoring?

Here’s another picture of the snow that’s still hanging around.

The David B’s Winter of Projects

Time: 1158 — Position: the ship is at 48 45.25N 122 30.26W

It’s actually in the harbor right now and the great Winter of Projects is finally, after many delays, in full swing. We’re making the B a lot better for 2007. More places to put and hang things in the cabins, cabin heaters, new ventilation in the staterooms, quieter systems when we’re running and lots more.

Here she is in the snow: