Sea Lions in Alaska

Sea Lions in Alaska
Stellers sea lions come to visit the David B at The Brothers in Alaska

There’s a place in Southeast Alaska called The Brothers. It’s a small group of islands where we often find humpback whales feeding. It’s also home to a large community of Stellers Sea Lions. Jeffrey and I like to make this a regular stop on most of our Alaska cruises because the sight, sound and smell of a hundred or more lazing sea lions is quite amazing. Oftentimes there’s a group or two of five-to-twenty-five sea lions in the water. We watch them swim, chase each other, and cartwheel. It’s very entertaining.

One day when we stopped by The Brothers a large group of sea lions was playing in the water. All of the sudden they raced out to the boat. It looked like a contest to see who could get to the David B first. When they got close enough to them, that we could pick out individual marks, they stopped. Checked us out and then raced back to their rock. Our guests asked what it was all about, and we could only say, “I don’t know, but it sure was cool.”