Quick Mussels on a Monday Night

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The David B's Dining Table in the Summer

The David B doesn’t run in the winter months and it’s the time of year when Jeffrey and I work on maintenance, marketing, and side jobs. Like most people, I find very little time for cooking. A typical winter meal for the crew of the David B is often ramen or mac and cheese with a salad. Fast, easy, done. After several weeks of winter eating I realize how much I miss the meals I cook on the David B.

The other day while I was out delivering copies of More Faster Backwards and I stopped off at Vis Seafoods. It was really busy. UPS trucks and FedEx trucks were picking up and dropping off deliveries and lots of customers were lined up for check out. I realized I would have to come back the next day to drop off books, but in the meantime, there were delicious mussels and clams in the cooler case. I knew I couldn’t leave without a couple of pounds of mussels. I hopped in line.

Back at home, I put the mussels in the fridge and sat down at the computer to send out more press releases about the book and post something interesting about our cruises, all the while, thinking about how how I was going to make a delicious dinner. While I emailed, wrote, and posted I also thought about garlic, butter, wine, and what neglected vegetables we had in the fridge. I remembered that we had some red peppers and a zucchini. I also remember that I had some bean threads that I like to use when I get tired of pasta, rice or ramen.

The afternoon turned to evening and Jeffrey returned from a job he was working down the street. We put aside out work and stepped into the kitchen. While Jeffrey chatted about the steps he was replacing, I got out a pot and melted a little butter. While the butter melted I chopped some garlic, the peppers and zucchini then tossed them in the pot to cook on medium. Jeffrey changed the subject to a project for the website he’s working on. He’s been making a computer model of the David B’s interior so that it will be easier for people to see what the interior of the boat looks like. While he talked, I cleaned the mussels and asked questions. When I finished cleaning the mussels, I got out an open bottle of white wine I’d had in the fridge for a while and dumped its contents into the pot, then I took out some clam base and stirred in a glop. Jeffrey then asked, “so, where did you take books today?”

“Oh, I took five over to Village Books. It might take a while before they are on the shelf, and I took five over to the Pacific Marine Exchange. I’ll stop back by Vis tomorrow,” I said while stirring in a little Tabasco, salt and pepper.

San Juan Islands Cruise - Shopping
Vis Seafoods

Soon the pot of broth and veggies began to boil. I got out the bean threads and dropped them in. On top of the bean threads I dumped in the mussels and cooked them until they opened. Jeffrey went to clean off the dining table which doubles as our work desk. I got a bowl for shells, some forks and spoons and a couple of paper towels  napkins. He filled our water glasses and got a beer for himself and poured me a glass of wine. I divided up the mussels, noodles and broth into deep bowls -leaving a little for eggs for breakfast.

We sat down and enjoyed a lovely dinner together, my only complaint being that I didn’t have enough time to make bread.