New Book – More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B is Published!

We did it! More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B has been published and is now available at
MoreFasterBackwards.com and on Amazon.com.

Jeffrey and I are really excited about this project. In the book, I take you through the wilds of the Inside Passage on the David B’s maiden voyage to Alaska, while weaving in tales of our restoration.

Small Ship Adventure Cruises | Alaska | New Book Cover
Published on December 1, 2011

The encouragement I got to write the book originally came from two wonderful passengers and amazing business women, Marla and Pam. As I began to work with our story, I realized that our path with the David B could help people see how to work closely with others, clear obstacles, and meet goals. There were so many times we could have just walked away, but the reward of keeping our focus and working together really paid off. It’s been such a treasure for us to be able to share our passion and labor-of-love with so many great folks.

My hope for More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B is that the David B will be seen as more than an old boat restored to carry passengers on adventure cruises in Alaska, but rather as a vehicle for creating and meeting goals, forming community, and developing life-long relationships.

I hope you’ll have a chance to read an excerpt from the book and enjoy it enough to add to your library.

Happy Holidays!

PS – It makes a great holiday gift and it’s only $19.95