Matt Meisenheimer – Photography Instructor

Matt Meisenheimer photography workshop cruise and toursMatt Meisenheimer is a photographer based in Wisconsin. His artistry revolves around exploring the wilderness and constantly seeking out new adventures. He strives to capture those brief moments of dramatic light and weather, which make our grand landscapes so special. Matt loves the process of photography – from planning trips and scouting locations, taking the shot in-field, to post-processing the final image.
Matt is an active adventurer and wildlife enthusiast as well. He graduated with a degree in wildlife ecology and worked in Denali National Park and Mount Rainier National Park as a biologist. He also spent 6 months working in the deserts of Namibia before finding his path in photography. Matt’s passion for the outdoors has taken him to many beautiful places around the world.

As a former university teaching assistant, Matt is passionate about instruction. It is his goal to give his clients the technical and creative knowledge they need to achieve their own photographic vision. He truly enjoys working with photographers on a personal level and helping them reach their goals.

I’m a strong believer in workshops. I attended a workshop with Marc Adamus when I was just getting my start in photography and it really had a profound effect on me. I learned a lot from Marc, he is a talented artist and the master of composition. But, I learned a lot about life too and the importance of carving out your own adventure. I can never thank Marc enough for his help. I decided to lead my own workshops with the hope that I can help others in the same way that Marc helped me.

For more information on Matt visit his website,  https://meisphotography.com/.

For information and a sample itineraty for Matt’s workshop aboard the David B, follow this link…