Project Management Mastery – The Inside Passage Project

Project Management Mastery – The Inside Passage Project – 60 PDU’s or 6 CEU’s

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A long voyage requires a large amount of planning and strategy and yet it encapsulates all the concepts of Project Management with a strong emphasis on Risk Management and Team Building. In a fun and interesting atmosphere, you will learn to make real-time decisions, play a part as a member of the technical team producing the deliverable as well as a manager assessing the execution of the project/voyage, all under the watchful eye of a licensed captain of 20+ years. The 12-day trip is one-way between Bellingham, Washington and Ketchikan, Alaska (or the reverse from Ketchikan to Bellingham) and includes time for sightseeing, wildlife watching, kayaking and hiking, between class times. All meals are gourmet and are included as well.

We’ve partnered with the industry leader in Accelerated Project Management education – Cheetah Learning – to develop this curriculum so our students can also earn 60 PDU’s or 6 CEU’s towards maintaining their professional credentials.

Learn How to Navigate the Inside Passage

Are you interested in having a great, once in a lifetime experience, while at the same time completing your education requirement for maintaining your professional credentials as a project manager? And have you also wanted to cruise the Inside Passage but didn’t have the boat or the knowledge to do it alone? This 12-day trip will put all of that together.

Project Management Mastery – The Inside Passage Project is the perfect educational trip. On it you’ll learn how to navigate all the tough passages of the trip, see numerous anchorages, experience the crossings and participate in the planning that goes into a long voyage. You’ll get to see and experience it all. You will also learn the key components of the PMBOK® Guide Project Phases (initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing) as well as Cheetah Project Management Techniques.  We’ll cover boating safety and navigation rules, known as “The Rules of the Road” and numerous other seamanship concepts, all with the goal of making you a better project manager and a better team member. If you are a boater, this knowledge and experience will translate well to every area of your boating, both on powerboats and on sailboats, making you more confident in your seamanship. If you’re not, it will still make for a beautiful journey, through places few people will be lucky enough to see, with lots of learning along the way.

If you’re interested in reading about how another Project Management Professional took our journey and what she learned from it, you can check out her story here: Navigating Life’s Passages Using Project Management

We offer two of these one-way training trips. Both of our educational cruises run approximately 690 nautical miles of the Inside Passage starting at Bellingham, in northern Washington state, going through British Columbia, Canada, and ending at Ketchikan, in the southern panhandle of Alaska.

The northbound trip departs from Bellingham, and you will fly home from the end in Ketchikan. On the southbound  you’ll join the ship in Ketchikan and disembark in Bellingham. The Project Management Mastery – The Inside Passage Project trips follow our  12-Day Canadian Inside Passage Itinerary. Everything is included in the trip, like all of our other trips, including all of chef Christine’s amazing cooking, beautiful scenery, and plenty of time to relax. This trip is great for non-participating guests as well who can enjoy all the scenery and nature-based activities of our regular cruises.

These voyages are also great for couples who cruise together to as well as individuals. One of the topics that will be covered will be “effective crew communications” which includes both giving commands as well as listening. Operating a vessel can be much more enjoyable when it’s approached as a team, and teamwork is emphasized in all aspects of our instruction.

Each day will include one formal class time, several informal lessons and lots of time at the helm. (It’s approximately 100 hours underway over the 12 days of the voyage.) The trip won’t be all work and no play, however. There will be lots of time for occasional shore excursions and hiking and kayaking for anyone interested. Also, for spouses, friends or family, who would like to travel along, but not participate, there’s no requirement to participate in any of the classes.

Captain Jeffrey has more than 25 years of experience operating various kinds of vessels professionally and teaching others about everything from seamanship to engine maintenance. His style of teaching revolves around the premise that students should be able to experience things on their own to learn them, in an environment that makes them feel safe to learn. There is never any confrontation, or embarrassment of students and they get to learn at their own pace, not that of the group.

Why should project managers take this class? This course is a great way to experience something outside of the normal refresher classroom. Yes, you could earn your PDUs in a classroom, or sitting at home working online, but here you’re going to actually experience the natural world, see the waterfalls, kayak the secluded coves, but at the same time learn to operate a ship, and plan and execute a project — a voyage. It will qualify you for 60 PDU’s and you’ll have gotten a once-in-a-lifetime experience out of it as well. Project management training is supposed to be fun isn’t it?

In the video below, Captain Jeffrey takes the David B through Jackson Narrows in Canada’s Inside Passage. It’s places like this that you’ll learn to confidently and safely navigate. The background sound is from the David B’s original 1929 engine, a Washington Iron Works three-cylinder.

Call Today to Register: 877-670-7863 or email us. Spaces on these trips are limited.

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The maritime related things you’ll learn:

    • Passage Planning
      • Voyage Planning, Preparation and Provisioning
      • Important Documents
      • Spares and extra equipment
    • Navigation and Electronics
      • Charts and Plotters
      • Chart Navigation
      • Tides and Currents
      • Fuel Management
      • Tidal Rapids
    • Operations and Seamanship
      • Anchoring Techniques-Standard techniques and unusual situations
      • Docking and Maneuvering
      • Marinas
      • Stowing Gear for Sea
      • Weather-getting information and reading conditions
      • Rules of the Road
      • Traffic
      • Radios and AIS
      • Radar
      • Logbooks
    • Crew
      • Assigning Jobs
      • Communication
      • Spouses and Significant Others
    • Safety at Sea
      • Personal Safety
      • Emergencies
      • Man Overboard
      • Engine Room Safety
    • Systems
      • Trouble Shooting
      • Channeling your inner MacGyver
    • Legal
      • Customs Immigration and the Borders
    • Licenses and Tonnage Rules
    • And much more…
  • In addition, for people interested in the project management training there will be
    • 60 hours of documented training
    • 4 tests over the course material
    • Lots of discussion of the voyage from a PMP perspective and how it applies
      • Defining – Get to AK. .
      • Initiating – What does it entail? Safely? On time?..
      • Planning – Where do we go, how do we get there
      • Executing – Let’s go
      • Controlling – How far are we? Are we still Safe?
      • Closing – We made it – Lets have a beer. (and write it up)

For Registration: 877-670-7863 or email us.

Customer Comments About Our Learn to Cruise – Inside Passage to Alaska Trip

• …having wanted to take this trip for years, I grabbed my duffel and joined Jeffrey and Christine on a piece of maritime history, headed from Bellingham to Alaska. While Christine’s gourmet diners outshone any restaurants I frequent, my main mission was to gain the knowledge to safely traverse those water in my own boat someday.

• Jeffrey’s professional, calm, precise guidance, with various types of docking, and understanding of the planning needed to safely time the passages through tidal rapids, left me with a heightened confidence that I could one day do the same.

• Have you ever had the desire to cruise the Inside Passage? If you don’t have a boat, then you should be on the David B. If you want to go in your own boat, you should first take the trip on the David B. You will spend time at the helm, steering, monitoring, and experiencing. You will take important notes, document safe waterways, and anchor in pristine inlets.

If you want the confidence to make this passage, grab a chart book and get on board.  –   Jim L. from Bellingham Owner of a 42′ Nova Sundeck


The small group size (limited to just eight students/guests) makes the M/V David B the perfect learning environment. (We can all fit on the bridge if necessary.) There is plenty of time to answer questions and give each person the time to learn new things at their own pace. We love teaching.

Materials Included:

  • Marine Atlas Vols. 1 & 2

Things you might want to bring if you have them, (or know what they are):

  • Passport – Required
  • Binoculars
  • Dividers
  • Parallels or plotting triangles
  • Float coat or inflatable PFD (optional)

Check out our reviews, look at our photo galleries, then give us a call at: 877-670-7863 or email us to sign up. It’ll give your confidence an amazing boost.

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