Kicking the Bucket List

Bellingham Bay Rendezvous
David B at the Bellingham Bay Rendezvous - A Gathering of Small Ships for Charter

I just stumbled on to this post that was on NW Windjammer’s Facebook page. I thought it was something worth thinking about for everyone who has ever wanted to travel on historic boats like the David B. The post was done by the Schooner Zodiac’s First Mate, Chris Wallace and she vividly points out something that all of us in the small cruise boat business deal with a lot; that is, that our boats are on everybody’s bucket list, but well-wishing people still end up choosing to book their vacations on the big cruise lines. In the long run, if people don’t vote with their pocket books to cruise on the historic wooden boats, one-by-one, they’ll close up their businesses or non-profits and the boats will be lost to history. Wood boats are expensive to maintain and it’s a tough economy. When you choose to cruise on classic power boats, or the windjammers, part of what you are paying for is for the love, care, passion and future of these very special boats.

Are you one of those people that has always wanted to go on a small ship cruise? …Do you ever walk by these classic wooden boats, (sail and power as well), and say to yourself, “That’s on my bucket list, y’know.”

Well, don’t hold onto that bucket list for too long. Many small ship cruise companies are closing. The stalling economy has hit these business hard. Several small ship cruise boats are for sale and some are just closing their shop doors.

Don’t let this living piece of our maritime heritage slip away! If you’ve wanted to cruise on a Tall Ship- do it this year! …If you’ve wanted to cruise the inside passage on a vintage power boat, do it this year!

…Trust me Disney Cruise line is gonna be around for a long time… plastic boats don’t go away.

Support the men and women who work to keep these ships afloat- become a small ship cruiser this year- kick that bucket list!!


Chris Wallace, Chief Mate
The Schooner Zodiac

Schooner Zodiac on a Calm Day
Schooner Zodiac on a Calm Day