Glacier Bay Photography Workshop with Matt Meisenheimer

Explore Glacier Bay National Park and take beautiful photographs.

This hands-on workshop will give you the opportunity to take and edit photographs with Wisconson based photographer Matt Meisenheimer. During the day, you will be exploring dynamic landscapes and searching for iconic wildlife from the shore, the David B, and the skiff. In the evenings, you will receive one-on-one Adobe Lightroom Classic instruction to bring your artistic vision to life.

Trip Highlights:

  • Stunning Scenery of a UNESCO World Heritage Site – including majestic mountains, tidewater glaciers, icebergs, and ancient forestsTwo Bears Play Fighting - Matt Meisenheimer Photography
  • Iconic Wildlife – whales, brown and black bears, tufted puffins, porpoises, moose, sea lions, otters, mountain goats, and eagles
  • Muir Inlet and McBride Inlet where icebergs beached at low tide can make for some amazing photography.
  • Adams Inlet passing puffin colonies, sea lion rookeries, and the vast sheets of ice emanating from the ageless icefields begin to dominate the landscape.
  • Lamplugh and the Margerie – massive tidewater glaciers
  • Johns Hopkins Inlet
  • Overnight anchorages near both Reid and Margerie Glaciers for both aquatic and terrestrial photography opportunities that are among the most dramatic in the world.

Sample Itinerary:

Trip #358
Dates: July 8-15, 2020
Boards/Returns: Auke Bay (Juneau), AK
Regular Rate Per Person: $7,200
Visit: Schedules and Rates for availabilityAlaska mountain landscape by Matt Meisenheimer Photography. David B Small Ship Cruises

July 8 – Auke Bay to Couverden Anchorage
July 9 – Couverden Anchorage to Glacier Bay National Park: Anchor at Shag Cove
July 10 – Shag Cove – South Marble Island – McBride Inlet/McBride Glacier
July 11 – McBride Glacier – Reid Glacier
July 12 – Reid Glacier – Lamplough Glacier and Johns Hopkins Glaciers – Tarr Inlet
July 13 – Tarr Inlet (Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers) – Head of Geikie Inlet
July 14 – Geikie Inlet to Excursion Inlet
July 15 – Excursion Inlet to Auke Bay

Meet Your Instructor:

About Matt:

Matt Meisenheimer photography workshop cruise and toursMatt is a Wisconsin based photographer. His artistry revolves around exploring the wilderness and constantly seeking new adventures. He strives to capture brief moments of dramatic light and weather. Matt loves the process of photography — from planning trips and scouting locations to taking the shots in-field, and post-processing the final image.  Read more about Matt Meisenheimer…

Listen to our Podcast with Matt: Getting Out With Your Images

Class Details:

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll have an opportunity to make photographs in beautiful Glacier Bay.  Then we’ll use Adobe Lightroom Classic to bring out the best in your images. We’ll also discuss the use of Photoshop as well as other plug-ins that can be used in conjunction with Lightroom. Once the images are optimized, we will share and discuss the work as a group. Small cruise ship anchored in Glacier Bay

What to Bring:

  • Digital camera
  • Shooting from the boat will be enhanced by lenses with built-in stabilization (optional)
  • Tripod
  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed and optionally Photoshop as well.  A 30-day trial of both Lightroom Classic and Photoshop can be downloaded from https://www.adobe.com/downloads.html
  • Dry bag for your camera gear as we’ll be going to shore in an open skiff and exploring in kayaks.
  • Lots of Memory Cards
  • Extra Batteries & Battery Charger
  • Mouse – because laptop touchpads just don’t work as well
  • Cable release or remote shutter release

About the David B:

While in Glacier Bay, you’ll enjoy the creature comforts of the David B, a beautifully-appointed 65-foot wooden boat built in 1929 and lovingly restored – private staterooms with heads, a shower, fireplace, wood-fired cook stove and gourmet meals that have become legendary on the Alaska coast. Microbrews and fine wines. This is not industrial tourism.

The boat’s “saloon” is equipped with a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and pull-down screen for evening instruction in utilizing Adobe Lightroom Classic to bring out the best in your pictures. Once the images are optimized, we’ll share and discuss the work in group critiques. Finally, we’ll spend time learning to fine-tune for printing. Everyone will go home with a gallery-quality print – ready for framing – from the workshop.

During the workshop, we’ll have extensive shooting opportunities every day, instruction time aboard the David B, and generous amounts of ‘downtime’ to savor this special place. The trip is limited to eight passengers so individualized instruction is assured.

The David B’s skiff is a marvel of engineering and ideal for photography: roomy, super-stable and dry. “Skiffyasaurus”, as it’s known, affords us amazing close-up photo opportunities of the glaciers, waterfalls, and wildlife.