Alaska up close is almost unbelievable.

Everything is so much bigger than you imagined. Glaciers, bears, salmon and whales  as far as the eye can see, stunning in the kind of way no photo can show you. The way to really experience it is to immerse yourself in it — right up close. To walk quietly among the lichen-covered trees in an ancient forest, to paddle past thin lacy waterfalls hundreds of feet high, or to listen and watch as a humpback whale and her calf slowly forage for krill on a calm afternoon.

These are the kind of moments we can share with you.

You need to move slowly, and in a small group. The magic of these moments only happens when you have the time to look around. On the David B our pace of cruising is slow and we focus on the spaces between the destinations. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get to see less,  it means you’re going to see more.

Our trips are all about leaving you room to breathe, and to experience Alaska the way you choose.

Each day, there’s time for you to hike or paddle, and each night we anchor so you get to feel and experience the wilderness, the quiet coves and bays, listening to the gentle lapping of water against the hull of the David B and the occasional breath of a seal surfacing just a few feet off.

Some experiences aren’t meant to be shared with 1,500 other sightseers… or even 15.

We only bring eight guests on our trips — the true meaning of wilderness and solitude. There is always plenty of space for you at the rail, on the bridge, or in a deck chair on the aft deck as the scenery slides by. There are truly very few others around. This is your trip – and for eight unforgettable days, Alaska is all yours, too.

Not everybody’s experience in Alaska will be the same. While you’re peacefully hiking ashore, or watching eagles from the deck of the David B, somewhere else huge cruise ships will be steaming from destination to destination with thousands of people, running through the night with their casinos, bright lights, loud public address systems, dance halls, movie theaters and hair salons. We like to do things a little differently.

Alaska is almost unbelievable, but when you experience it from the David B, we think you’ll believe, too.

What do you want to do:

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The Motor Vessel David B, provides specialty cruises in the San Juan Islands, the Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska for small groups and couples. The M/V David B is a beautifully restored 65-foot wooden workboat that has been converted to carry up to eight passengers on weekend and extended expedition cruises. Check out our schedule page for dates, rates and availability. [/pix_column][pix_column type=”1/4″][pix_md_text align=”text_left”]Learn from us…[/pix_md_text]
The Inside Passage has a reputation of being difficult to navigate because of swift currents, and open ocean crossings. Because many boat owners and bareboat charterers welcome the chance to gain new knowledge about the Inside Passage before embarking on their own adventures we now offer a 12-Day Learn to Cruise educational trip that has both onboard classroom study and hands-on learning.New! Learn to Cruise the Inside Passage Article Series
If you are planning your own cruise in the Inside Passage and are looking for tips, check out our new series of informational and educational articles we’re writing for CruisingNW.com.
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More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B – Wins 1st Place Journey Awards in True Action/Adventure from Chanticleer Book Reviews! Read Chanticleer’s review….Buy your copy of More Faster Backwards in paperback or eBookYou can also follow Christine, Jeffrey and the David B on Christine’s Blog for Yachting Magazine.
[/pix_column][pix_column type=”1/4″ last=”true”][pix_md_text align=”text_left”]Meet us…[/pix_md_text]Inside Passage Cruises | M/V David B | Crew Christine and Jeffrey SmithCaptain Jeffrey and Christine Smith started Northwest Navigation Co. Inc. in 1998 with the vision of providing a relaxed luxury cruise emphasizing nature, local history, and gourmet foods. Jeffrey and Christine share their passion for the David B both on and off the boat. You can share in their enthusiasm either traveling with them aboard the boat, or meet them at one of their many presentations they do around the country. [/pix_column]

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