Explore Southeast Alaska – 8Days – Round Trip Auke Bay


Sample Itinerary for Explore Southeast Alaska

8-Day cruise / Round-trip from Auke Bay

Southeast Alaska is a place where everything seems bigger than you imagined. The mountains are bigger, the glaciers are bigger, the wildlife seems bigger. Come explore the beautiful and rugged wilderness that southeast Alaska has to offer in the comfort of the David B. For eight days you’ll treated to fantastic experiences that you’ll enjoy remembering for a lifetime.

Day 1 – Auke Bay to Coverden Anchorage:
Board 12pm – Auke Bay (Juneau)

Once underway we’ll start the cruise with a hot soup and fresh baked bread to get ready to start looking for humpback and killer whales on the way to our first night’s anchorage in a small cluster of islands at Point Covernden. Once the anchor is down, you’ll have time to hang out on deck and enjoy the scenery or kayak along the shore of this protected bay.

Day 2 – Point Couverden to Freshwater Bay:

After breakfast we’ll haul up the anchor and set out into Chatham Strait for Freshwater Bay where we’ll anchor at Pavlof Harbor. Here you can explore the bay at low-tide for tidepool creatures and walk to Pavlof Lake. We’ll also keep an eye out brown bears that frequent the area.

Day 3 – Freshwater Bay to Cosmo Cove:

In the morning we’ll get underway and spend the day looking for humpback whales and the possibility of seeing bubble-net cooperative feeding where a group of whales trap a school of fish by blowing a net of bubbles around the school. When the “net” is complete the whales all surface together. It’s an amazing sight to get to see and one we always stop for. Later in the day we will anchor in Cosmo Cove at Baranof Island.

Day 4 – Cosmo Cove to Chapin Bay:

Lots of potential for wildlife on this day. We’ll start the day by looking for more humpbacks and also killer whales. At mid-day we’ll cruise to Yasha Island to have a look at a Steller sea lion haul out before we round Point Gardner where we are also likely to sea otters. Our anchorage is Chapin Bay at Admiralty Island where we’ll scout the shore for big coastal brown bears.

Day 5 – Chapin Bay to Wood Spit:

In the morning there will be time to hop in the kayaks and tour Chapin Bay before heading across Frederick Sound and Stephens Passage. This area is a rich and productive feeding ground for humpback whales, killer whales, and sea lions. If the conditions are just right, we’ll stop in an area where several humpbacks feed, turn off the David B’s engine and listen the the whales as they surface and the sounds they make underwater with our hydrophone. In the evening we’ll anchor at one of our favorite spots, Wood Spit in the entrance to the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness Area.

Day 6 – Wood Spit – Tracy Arm/ Sawyer Glacier – No Name Cove:

The crew will raise anchor before breakfast to get underway for one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural feature in southeast Alaska — Tracy Arm Fjord. Tracy Arm is a deep water fjord with impossibly steep sides that snakes its way for 22 miles to the twin glaciers Sawyer and South Sawyer glacier. Along the way we’ll search for brown and black bears that come to the water’s edge to feed on mussels. We’ll also watch for harbor seals that haul out on icebergs that fill Tracy Arm. Ice permitting, we’ll visit one or both of the glaciers to watch for calving. After glacier watching, we’ll cruise back out of Tracy Arm and spend the night in No Name Cove, where we can watch the large icebergs ride silently on the incoming and outgoing tides. If we’re lucky, we might also get to see brown bears that frequent shoreline.

Day 7 – No Name Cove to Taku Harbor: 

After breakfast, we’ll spend the morning kayaking around Holkham Bay and Williams Cove. It’s a wonderful place to paddle. Sometimes we see and hear humpback whales or killer whales, we’ve also watch bears cruise the shore in search of food. Besides the big animals, Holkham Bay is the summer home for thousands of sea birds, from rhinoceros auklets to surf scoters, to red-throated loons. Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable ways to observe the wildlife of the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness Area.

After kayaking and lunch, we’ll cruise back over to Wood Spit and go ashore for a walk through the the forest and along an ancient terminus for Dawes Glacier. After our walk, we’ll make way for Taku Harbor.

Day 8 – Taku Harbor to Auke Bay:

Taku Harbor has the remains of an abandoned cannery. At low-tide a kind-of art gallery emerges on the tidal flat. Here the exposed remains have in some cases been artfully arranged. Kelp and inter-tidal creatures now decorate the remains. Taku Harbor is often frequented by black bears, and sometimes brown bears. After breakfast, we’ll again head out into Stephens Passage and make our way back to Auke Bay and the end of the cruise.

Please note – This is a sample itinerary, and anchorages may change at the Captain’s discretion.