Well we finished up the 2009 season this past Sunday. It was another great trip. The weather was beautiful. We did have some breezy conditions on Saturday night and Sunday, but it was clear with a full moon and sunny during the day.

One of the highlights of this trip was a walk to Iceberg Point on Lopez Island. We met a nice couple who have a summer home on Lopez and in talking with them it turned out that they and one of the couples traveling with us have a mutual friend.

Jeffrey and I also met up with someone we know from the David B’s early days on Lopez. He’s one of the many Islanders who helped the former owner of the David B get it up and running. He’s a pretty interesting person. He has a foundry on the island that he made himself and now makes Gatling Guns for a company is the South. I think he said Louisiana.

Besides running into interesting people on our walk to Iceberg Point we also spent a bunch of time watching and photographing a couple of Northern Harriers that were flying through the trees and across the dried grass looking for mice and other prey. These hawks are some of my favorites. They have beautiful owl-like faces.

I am a little behind in getting pictures up, but I’ll be posting a few here on the blog and then all the rest on the website in the next couple of weeks.

While we won’t have any trips until May, we will keep posting about winter projects, specials and anything else that’s related to cruising on the David B.