End of the Season Blues

Christine on the deck of the David B
On deck of the David B

We finished our last trip of the year on Sunday. It’s always with a touch of sadness that the summer cruising ends. I love being on the David B when it’s filled with the hub-bub of passengers, the wood stove is cranked to eleven, and the smell of baking bread and onions sauteing in butter fills every corner of the pilothouse. I love listening to Jeffrey chatting away on the VHF to other boats or having a conversation with one of our guests. I love to hear to the sound of the our 3-cylinder Washington-Estep down in the engine room or while I’m on deck. I love it when people gather to watch us come to a dock and ask us questions about the boat. I love the appreciation and the compliments we receive from so many people when they see what we have done with the David B, and most of I love the simple pleasure of just being on the David B.

The sadness I feel at the end of the season is because I miss all of our passengers and getting to know who they are and sharing in their stories. I miss cooking on my wood stove and seeing new places and old. I miss the excitement of finding whales or seeing a bear in the wild, and of course, I miss being on the coolest boat in any harbor.

I know the fun of cruising on the David B will all start up again soon. Too soon, when I look at the winter To-Do List. Time will fly and in a blink of an eye, we’ll be heading out of the harbor and leaving for Alaska. It happens like that every year.

I’m already excited about the trips we have on the schedule for 2011 and getting to know the folks who will be traveling with us. In the coming months, I’ll be keeping you updated with all the work we are doing on the boat this winter, our trips, destinations and thoughts I have about owing and operating a small cruise ship.  The David B is my passion and more than anything I love to share it. I hope you will have time to follow along with my posts this winter or even better come on a cruise with us next season.