Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound is one of the most beautiful spots on the British Columbia Coast. It’s an area of deep fjords and rugged snow-capped peaks. It’s also one of the best places to find warm water for swimming. Come aboard the David B for a 12-day journey to discover for yourself this wonderfully kept secret.

Day 1
Bellingham – Roche Harbor – Stuart Island

Board 9:00am in Bellingham. Cruise the San Juan Islands with a mid-day stop in Roche Harbor before going on to an overnight anchorage at Stuart Island.

Day 2
Stuart Island – Nanaimo

Once the anchor is up we’ll spend the day cruising through the Canadian Gulf Islands on our way to Nanaimo to clear Canada Customs. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for killer whales and porpoises along the way.

Day 3
Nanaimo – Bull Passage, Lasqueti Island
After breakfast we’ll be underway from Nanaimo and cruise through the Strait of Georgia to Lasqueti Island’s Bull Passage. It’s a beautiful place for a nice shore walk, skiff ride or kayak paddle. It’s especially beautiful in the evenings when the sun sets on the red-barked madrone trees.

Day 4
Bull Passage – Tenedos Bay
We’ll get underway in the morning and spend time watching for humpback and killer whales. By mid-afternoon we’ll anchor at Tenedos Bay with time for relaxing on deck or exploring the trail at nearby Lake Unwin.

Day 5
Tenedos Bay – Toba Inlet – Walsh Cove
Leaving Tenedos Bay is a beautiful thing. We’ll head into Homfray Channel where the views of the Canadian Coast Mountains are unbelievable and become even more dramatic as we turn in towards  Toba Inlet where unnamed waterfalls cascade for hundreds of feet off steep cliffs carved by ancient glaciers. After exploring Toba Inlet, we’ll drop the anchor at Walsh Cove and take a skiff ride to view pictoglyphs made by First Nations people long before Europeans settled Desolation Sound.

Day 6
Walsh Cove -Yuculta Rapids – Bute Inlet -Thurston Bay
We’ll time our departure from Walsh Cove based on slack water at Yuculta and Dent Rapids. The rapids are a favorite place to spot eagles, porpoises, dolphins, seals, and sea lions, but before we enter the rapids, we’ll cruise past some of our favorite bear meadows to look for brown and black bears.

Thurston Bay will be our anchorage for the night and it’s also a good place for spotting black bears that come to shore.

Day 7
Thurston Bay to Octopus Islands

The Octopus Islands are in the heart of the archipelago that makes up Desolation Sound. We’ll enter through Okisolo Channel which has a set of rapids to time. Along the way look for orcas, porpoises and dolphins. One of the interesting feature Octopus Islands and other parts of Desoaltion Sound are the ancient clam gardens that were and are still tended by the local First Nations people. These low walls can sometimes be seen at a very low tide.

Day 8
Octopus Islands – Cassel Lake – Refuge Cove – Squirrel Cove
To leave the Octopus Islands, we’ll go through either Hole in the Wall rapids or Beazley Passage. Both routes will be timed for slack water. We’ll then head to Teakern Arm and Cassel Lake. If you enjoy swimming, this is a great spot. After Cassel lake, we’ll make a stop at Refuge Cove’s general store. In the evening we’ll anchor in Squirrel cove on Cortez Island.

Day 9
Squirrel Cove – Prideaux Haven
Squirrel Cove is a nice place to go for a paddle. There’s a reversing tidal rapid that leads to a lagoon that you can enter by kayak depending on the tide, or at low tide you can walk the shore and look for sea shore creatures.

We’ll get underway after lunch and head towards the mainland and Prideaux Haven, which is one of the most beautiful anchorages on the BC coast.

Day 10
Prideaux Haven to Jervis Island
We’ll get underway early and follow the mainland south past the Copeland Islands and then head towards Texada Island and Lasqueti. It will be another day to watch for humpback whales and killer whales. In the evening we’ll anchor at Jervis Island.

Day 11
Jervis Island to Montague Harbor

We’ll be underway early to arrive at Dodd Narrows for slack water, and then continue through the Gulf Islands to Montague Harbor. After the anchor is down, you’ll have a chance to go for a ride on the famous Hummingbird Pub Bus. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Day 12
Montague Harbor to Bellingham
Breakfast will be underway as we cruise through the southern portion of the Gulf Islands and into the San Juan Islands. Along the way we’ll watch for killer whales. You’ll arrive back in
Bellingham around 5pm and clear US Customs.

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Included: All meals, accommodations, kayaks, crew, port fees and taxes? Not Included: Airfare, transportation to and from the boat, accommodations before or after the cruise