cassdrivesSLYCass Lehfeldt was born on a dark and stormy night in Kaelakekua Bay where she was raised by a flock wild Hawaiian chickens. After years of scratching in the dirt and eating bugs, she found her way to the Pacific Northwest and started her love affair with old wooden boats. Cass holds an associates degree in boat building and marine carpentry, as well as a 100 ton inland masters license.  Working both shore-side and deckhand positions, her skills include (but are not limited to); varnishing, painting, small engine maintenance (diesel and gasoline), navigation, fly fishing, sassy sarcastic banter, deck scrubbing, line handling, cupcake decorating, and 12v electrical repair. Cass is excited about another season in Alaska and can’t wait to look at marine mammals (and bugs and birds and fish) with you.