David B’s Engine on KUOW and Washington-Estep Discovered in B-ham

Jeffrey was reading Adrian Lipp’s blog this morning and ran across a clip from KOUW’s the Soundscape of Your Life program. The recording is of Jeffrey or Aaron starting the David B’s engine during the Classic Workboat Show a couple of years ago. The audio of the our engine begins at 20:39 minutes into the show and runs for about a minute and there’s a nice discussion about the recording afterwords.

Another audio clip from the the Classic Workboat show on our website features the David B and six Washington Iron Works preforming a “symphony”.


Another fun bit of news from Adrian Lipp and Old Tacoma Marine this week was a phone call Jeffrey got from him on New Years Eve. A Washington Iron Works engine had been found in a web locker in Bellingham not very far from the David B. When we got to the weblocker (a storage shed for fishermen’s nets and equipment) it was like walking into a time capsule. On the floor to our left as we entered was Adrian standing in the middle of a pile of green Washington parts. I think he was actually standing on the flywheel with his iPhone in one hand and a flashlight in the other. He looked like a kid in a candy store. For Jeffrey and me it was fun to see a “newer” and slightly smaller version of our Washington and by crawling the engine around we were able to see some details that are obscured in on our engine. Here’s a couple pictures from the Washington in the weblocker.

Washington Iron Works Engine
Washington Iron Works Engine
Newly Discovered Antique Engie
Jeffrey and Adrian Look Over an Old Washington