David B Galley Notes – New Sample Menu on Website

Notes from the Galley

Spring flowers bloom early in our part of the Pacific Northwest. Today the first crocus in our yard bloomed a bright purple against the green-grey backdrop of a Northwest Winter. Soon the hummingbirds will arrive just-in-time for the bright blossoms of the Red-Flowering Current and the skies will clear to a brilliant blue. Soon the David B will be back on the water exploring the the nooks and crannies of the San Juan Islands and Alaska. All that exploration can make a person hungry, so I have been working on a new website page to to showcase the types of meals you might have aboard the David B.

You might notice that I have included Bison as a menu item. I have been experimenting with bison this winter and have really enjoyed its beef-like flavor. Bison has fewer calories, less fat and more protein than beef. I have found a number of ranchers that only pasture feed their bison on grass – the way bison have always grazed. I look forward to serving bison as a healthier alternative to beef.