David B Galley Notes – Cheese and Chocolate

This week Jeffrey and I have been learning new tricks and testing out fun recipes for next year. On Saturday we took a one-day class on cheese making. It was a great introduction and we both left with a feeling of excitement about making feta and paneer, queso blanco, cottage cheese and cultured butter on the boat. These cheeses are fairly straight forward and can be made in a day or two. We hope that over time we can start to learn how to make blue cheeses in the winter months and have them for trips the following year.


For Valentine’s Day we could not resist making Chocolate Truffles. I learned make to truffles last year in a 3 month long pastry course I took. It required making up a ganache with chocolate, cream, vanilla and butter. Once the chocolate ganache was the right consistency we made the truffle insides and then the hard part came when we tempered the chocolate, which means melting the chocolate to the right temperature and then cooling down it down another temperature and then raising the temperature back to a third temperature and holding. The object to tempering is so that the fat crystals in the chocolate’s cocoa butter are finely crystalized. This creates a chocolate that is not cloudy, but has a nice shine, and when it is broken it has a good snap. We had a lot of fun with our truffles which numbered some where around 60, so we carefully bagged them up and delivered them to a number of our neighbors. I am thinking I will be adding these truffles to the dessert menu on some of our longer trips.



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