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Come, fill your senses with the magnificence of Southeast Alaska. Aboard the small ship, David B. Your adventure includes a visit to the glacier-carved fjords of the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness, where snow-covered peaks, and evergreen forests form the backdrop of a place where bears, eagles, and whales call home. On your Alaska Discovery Cruise, you’ll not just experience the remote wilderness of the Tongass National Forest, but you’ll feel a part of the forest as we cruise to remote coves and bays that are inaccessible to the large cruise ships. Here your senses will be filled with all the beauty and majesty of what is truly Alaska.


Throughout your small ship adventure, you’ll be spoiled by more than fantastic views and amazing wildlife. The accommodations aboard the the David B are comfortable and all the gourmet meals are fabulous. Everyday there is fresh baked muffins, scones, or croissants and sourdough bread to accompany rich gourmet meals of fresh seafood, meats and hand-made pasta not to mention deserts that you will want to savor.

Sample Itinerary for Alaska Discovery Cruise

Day 1 – Petersburg to Farragut Bay
Day 2 – Farragut Bay to Baranof Hot Springs
Day 3 – Banaof Hot Spring
Day 4 – Barnof Hot Springs to Pybus Bay
Day 5 – Pybus Bay to No Name Cove
Day 6 – No Name Cove to Fords Terror
Day 7 – Fords Terror to Cape Fanshaw
Day 8 – Cape Fanshaw to Petersburg

Day 1

Petersburg to Farragut Bay

Your small ship adventure aboard the David B begins at 12pm in Petersburg. Once you’ve had a chance to get acquainted with the boat, the crew and your fellow passengers, we’ll get underway. Our route will take you into Frederick Sound and over to Farragut Bay. Along the way you can watch for humpback whales and icebergs. Our anchorage in Farragut is near a bald eagle’s nest and you’ll have the chance to watch and listen to these magestic birds. After the anchor is down you can explore the shoreline by kayak.

Day 2

Farragut Bay to Baranof Warm Springs

We’ll be getting underway after breakfast to spend more time in Frederick Sound watching humpback whales as they feed. Besides whales, we’ll be watching for sea otters on our way to Baranof Warm Springs. Once the anchor is down, you’ll have plenty of time to go ashore and relax in either the natural hot springs or enjoy one of the private baths that are maintained by the community.

Day 3

Baranof Warm Springs

We’ll be staying for a bonus extra day in Baranof. This is because the crew has always wanted to spend more time exploring the trails and a nearby lagoon and also because this is a favorite stopping spot of our guests. As an extra add-on, you can schedule an appointment with the local massage therapist for an hour massage.


Day 4

Baranof Warm Springs to Pybus Bay (Admiralty Island)

Designated as a National Monument in 1978, Admiralty Island offers great bear viewing and Pybus Bay’s Donkey Bay is an excellent place to watch for brown bears. These coastal grizzly bears number about 1600 on Admiralty Island, which is about one bear per square mile. The island’s native name is Kootznoowoo meaning "fortress of the bear."

Day 5

Pybus Bay to No Name Cove

After leaving Pybus we’ll enter into Stephen Passage to spend time at a Stellers sea lion haul out. As we cross Stephens Passage, we’ll be looking for humpback whales and orca whales. Our anchorage at No Name Cove is one of our favorites. The view of Holkham Bay with it’s icebergs, seabirds, feeding whales, and towering mountains is spectacular.

Day 6

No Name Cove to Dawes Glacier to Fords Terror

The crew is up early and underway for Dawes Glacier that lies at the head of Endicott Arm. This twenty-five mile journey down the fjord is pure magic with icebergs in all shapes and sheer cliffs that drop into deep water. We’ll watch for humpback whales, and sea bird of all kinds. We’ll also keep an eye out for both brown and black bears. When we get to the glacier we’ll turn the engine off and watch for it to calve new icebergs while we enjoy the sounds of Dawes as it pops and cracks on its slow journey to the sea. Our anchorage at Fords Terror is one of the highlights of the trip. Sheer rock, waterfalls, icebergs, seals, and harbor porpoises circle the David B. At lowtide, we’ll take a walk on the gravel bar and trace the footprints of grounded icebergs before setting out on a hike with a spectacular view.

Day 7

Fords Terror to Cape Fanshaw

We’ll leave Fords Terror behind and set back out for Stephens Passage. Time permitting, we’ll make a stop at Wood Spit for a beach walk and some tidepooling before heading to Cape Fanshaw. Our anchorage will be a good spot to watch for bears on the beach or to do a little kayaking.

Day 8
Cape Fanshaw to Petersburg

We’ll be underway early to head back to Petersburg. The way will again be marked by humpback whales and icebergs from LeConte Glacier. The David B will be back at the dock at 3pm.

Please note that this is just a sample itinerary and that there are many more options for anchorages for us to take advantage of.

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