Getting to the boat on Alaska Airlines

Its super easy to fly one-way to the start and end of our trips on the M/V David B with Alaska Airlines, and here’s why:

We offer a lot of our 7-day Alaska trips that start in one small Alaska town, and end in another. This causes a number of our potential passengers to be worried about booking, and to choose only our trips that start and end in the same town. It’s actually really simple, partly because of how the reservations system works at Alaska Airlines (the only major airline that flies to all of our ports).

An example is trip #166 next June. It starts in Juneau, AK and ends in Petersburg, AK. If you were trying to do this (fly to one city, then fly home from another) in the lower 48 it would be expensive and complicated and the past it might add several hundred dollars or more to the cost of the ticket. On Alaska Airlines it is simple, straightforward, and reasonably priced. There’s a “one-way” button right at the top of the Book Your Trip section and even a MultiCity link that allows you to put together an itinerary that includes several flights to work around a cruise segment on the David B.

Other airlines seem to have recently introduced both one-way and multi-city buttons to their reservation systems, but it’s been available as a service on AS (Alaska Airlines) for a long time, because that’s how people in Alaska have been getting around since the start. It’s also pretty amazing that there is non-stop, 737 jet service to our smallest ports, direct from Seattle. If you’re planning on coming with us in Alaska this summer, don’t worry about booking your one way flights, it’ll be easy.