Adventure and Expedition Style Cruises

"Dawes Coming To To Dawes Glacier on Alaska Cruise

Enjoy your next Alaska or Inside Passage, adventure aboard the Motor Vessel David B on an expedition style cruise. From the comfort of the David B you can visit majestic fjords, tidewater glaciers and hidden coves in the wilds of  Alaska. You can explore the quiet, remote backwater channels of British Columbia, or escape for a weekend to the best kept secret in the Pacific Northwest — the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Adventure cruising aboard the David B takes you places where you can enjoy the natural beauty of wilderness that’s off-the-beaten-path and away from the crowds.

On our expedition style cruises we take care of all of the details. This way you get enjoy hiking through majestic forests, kayaking along remote shorelines, and exploring beaches at low-tide without the hassle of doing any planning and provisioning yourself. From the David B you’ll experience first hand the web of life and how it connects the water to the land, while your knowledgeable crew expertly handles all of the particulars.

Video for Incredible Scenery in Alaska

The David B accommodates eight guests per cruise, so you’ll have a unique and intimate experience where camaraderie and conversation forge bonds between you and your shipmates and creates friendships that can last a lifetime. Come aboard on a cruise to meet new people and share in great adventures, or reserve the David B for your private trip with family or friends. Follow this link to find your next adventure, or check out our FAQs for more information about our cruises.

Christine has a New Blog at Yachting Magazine

"" David B Blog | Yachting Magazine

Christine has a new weekly blog on Yachting Magazine’s website. We hope you’ll enjoy her posts about the connections to the people and places she makes as a part of her life aboard the David B. The David B’s Blog on Yachting Magazine’s Website

Check Out Our Photo Galleries from 2011

Curious about what it’s really like to go on a cruise in Alaska or the Inside Passage aboard the David B? Check out the photos albums we’ve posted from this past summer: Alaska Photo Gallery and Inside Passage Photo Gallery.




Available Now! – More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B

"Small Cover and spine for More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B

More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B is the story of Capt. Jeffrey and Christine Smith’s uncertain struggle to rebuild the David B and their journey to Alaska on an untested seventy-seven year old boat to begin the life of their dreams.
Read an excerpt…

Only $19.95 – Order your copy today.
EBook only $5.99

Check Us Out in Yachting Magazine!

The April 2012 issue of Yachting Magazine has included excerpts of More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B. They also included a nice photo gallery on their website.

More Faster Backwards in Yachting Magazine

Photo Gallery in Yachting Magazine of the David B’s Rebuild

Latest Reviews of More Faster Backwards:

3/17/12 – Five Star Review from Readers Favorite!
“More Faster Backwards” is an entertaining read. I found myself cheering the David B on. I wanted the Smiths to succeed. This book proves that with hard work, persistence, and determination you can achieve your dream. I was quickly drawn into this tale; I eagerly turned the pages not wanting to wait to see what new adventure the Smiths would face. Smith is a talented author. She paints a beautiful picture with words. The author shares photos in the back of the book. It is hard to believe that the David B looked that bad when they purchased her. The photos document the change as the work on the ship progressed. I have never been to Alaska but hope to make a trip there in 2014. I just may look up the Smiths and see the David B for myself.

Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite
Read the whole review

Just finished More Faster Backward.  What a wonderful read!. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Your method of switching between the work to reclaim the David B and your voyage to Alaska kept it really interesting for me.  Much of it I read out loud to my husband because we both found it so lively and entertaining.  Your love for Jeffrey, The David B, and the natural world in this beautiful Pacific Northwest is clearly evident.  I hope that More Faster Backwards takes it’s deserved place with Pacific Northwest boating memoirs right along side of The Curve of Time.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading MORE FASTER BACKWARDS.  You did a good job of writing.  I think it is the best written ‘cruising to Alaska’ book I have read over the years.  Your strategy of using the cruise as a theme to tell the story of the rebuild works for me.  You have a flare for writing, among your other talents – I look for more cruising stories in the future!  I like your perceptions of people and places – this is what sets your book apart from other ‘cruise to Alaska’ books, which seem to have simple cliche descriptions of a sunset at anchorage, or whatever. -Carl

October 11
I love it! It made me cry with happiness. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to experience the David B first hand. Otherwise, I never would be able to enjoy this wonderful story. Looking forward to reading the entire book & sharing it with friends. Y’all have done wonderful things and made terrific lives for yourselves. Keep up the good work. Stacy


Reviews of More Faster Backwards on Amazon and Smashwords.

 New Podcast Interview with Jeffrey and Christine

We were recently interviewed by Dan from HookedOnWoodenBoats.com about the David B, how we came to own the David B and how we restored the David B.

The David B in Adventures NW Magazine

Excerpts from More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B appear in the spring 2012 issue of Adventures NW Magazine. If you live in Whatcom, Skagit, Island or San Juan Country you can pick up a copy almost everywhere or visit Adventures NW Magazine’s website to read the excerpts on how trail running helped Jeffrey and Christine save the David B.


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