8-Day Alaska Cruise Round-trip from Petersburg

Sample Itinerary for Alaska Cruise – Round Trip Petersburg


Day 1

Petersburg to Farragut Bay

You’ll board the David B in the busy fishing town of Petersburg at noon. The sights of working fish boats and Stellers sea lions in the harbor are your first introduction to the abundance of life in Southeast Alaska’s cold nutrient rich waters. Once we’re underway we’ll head for Farragut Bay and a rendezvous with Marja and Bo from Farragut Bay Farm for fresh organic greens. At anchor you’ll have the change to kayak or hang out on the boat watching nearby nesting eagles and seals swimming around the boat.

Day 2

Farragut Bay to Baranof Warm Springs

The David B will raise anchor early to head for Baranof Warms Springs. It’s an unbelievable setting with soaking pools that hug the very edge of a roaring waterfall. On the way to Baranof, keep a look out for feeding humpback whales, and sea otters.


Day 3

Baranof Warm Springs to Donkey Bay

Before we get underway from Baranof Warm Springs you’ll have time for another soak in the hot springs or an easy kayak paddle. Once the anchor is raised, we’ll be on our way to Donkey Bay on Admiralty Island. When we arrive we’ll carefully scan the shore of brown bears. This is a great place for viewing these coastal grizzlies. It the coast is clear,  head for shore to walk along the beach where we’ll look for foot prints and other signs of the bears that helped Admiralty Island earn is name – Kootznoowoo — Fortress of the Bear.

 Day 4

Donkey Bay to Gambier Bay

Donkey Bay is also a great place for kayaking. At high tide, you can explore the shallow bays where just hours before brown bears were digging for mussels or eating sedges. Once we leave Donkey Bay we’ll head to the Brothers to visit a Stellers sea lion haul-out. Sometimes a curious sea lion or two will come over the David B and check us out! After we cruise through The Brothers, we’ll make our way to Gambier Bay for more kayaking or a walk along animal trails in the forest.

Day 5

Gambier Bay to Fords Terror

After breakfast and a hike or paddle, we’ll cross Stephens Passage for Holkham Bay and the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness Area. Here you’ll experience the true beauty of southeast Alaska. As we enter Holkham Bay, Mt. Sumdum greets you with it’s alpine glacier nestled between twin peaks. On our way to our anchorage at Fords Terror you’ll marvel at the enormous sapphire-colored icebergs that float silently in the deep cold waters of Endicott Arm. We’ll anchor for the night in a deep cove next to breathtakingly steep cliffs laced in thin waterfalls cascading into the glacier-blue water.

Day 6

Fords Terror – Dawes Glacier – Wood Spit

Early in the morning we’ll raise anchor and begin to slowly pick our way through icebergs that have calved off of Dawes Glacier. We’ll spend an hour or longer watching this magnificent river of ice as icebergs break off its face into Endicott Arm. In the evening we’ll anchor twenty-five miles away at Wood Spit. Once the anchor is down and all is quiet, we’ll listen for the breath of humpback whales that come into the adjoining Holkham Bay.

Day 7
Wood Spit – Thomas Bay

In the morning we’ll take a walk along Wood Spit — the ancient end-point for Dawes Glacier. Once we’ve pushed through the low shrubs and Devil’s Club that lines the edge of the woods, the forest opens up into a cathedral of tall trees dripping with mosses and lichens. The animal trails that crisscross the forest floor lead us to the other side of the spit. After our walk, we’ll raise anchor and get underway for Thomas Bay and more whale watching in Stephens Passage and Frederick Sound.

Day 8

Thomas Bay to Petersburg

It’s the last day and we’ll raise anchor early in the morning. Breakfast will be underway and you’ll be treated to Christine’s hand-made croissants and pain au chocolat. Maybe you’re a little sad that the trip’s ending, but as we cruise into Wrangell Narrows and soon after, Petersburg, we’ll make one last stop at a buoy crowded with sea lions pushing, shoving, growling, and lying on top of one another. They’re sure to put a smile on your face and mark the perfect way to end an amazing adventure