Our First Reviews on Yelp

We just got our first reviews on Yelp.com the other day. I hope others who have been on the David B will start to review us so that anyone deciding to come aboard with us will see what great trips we offer and how much fun it is to cruise on the David B. Below is a link to our Yelp page.

Reviews on Yelp

Kayak Mothership Cruise

Last week we had a great 4-day Kayak Mothership cruise with our guide Tim and passengers Virgina, Steve and Sally. As usual in the San Juan Islands, the September weather was beautiful; sunny, warm and calm. At night the stars were out and the phosphorescence was strong.

Our kayakers paddled the southern end of Lopez Island, through a small group of islands in the San Juans known as the Wasp Islands, Deer Harbor, Roche Harbor, Garrison Bay and circumnavigated Sucia Island. Besides great kayaking we had a wonderful sunset hike to the top of Young Hill on San Juan Island. Here are some pictures from fall kayaking in the San Juans.



For meals I served up some Cioppino, Salmon Chowder, Almond Crusted Halibut with a Vodka Cream Sauce, lots of fresh baked bread and pastries. Everyone was also happy to have a comfortable bed and hot showers at the end of each day’s paddles.

Information on Kayak Mothership Cruises

Great Article About Small Ship Cruises in Alaska

A couple of days ago I found this article on Frommers Website . I was so thrilled to see someone writing about alternative choices people have to the big cruise ships. If you have a couple extra moments to read it, here’s the link to it.


Busy Summer

Well another busy summer is almost behind us. We have just a few more trips on the schedule and like every year at this time is promise myself that I’ll make a habit of writing more for the blog. I’m a bit ashamed that the last time I sat down to write something was in December.

We got a late start this season because we wanted to do a full engine rebuild over the winter and that completed in June. The 1929 antique Washington Estep 3-cylinder is running better than ever and we’re happy to have taken it fully apart and to have had everything, cleaned, polished and painted.

The highlights from this summer are from trips that we did in the San Juan Islands. In June we welcomed our kayak guide Tim, back for a 4th season and had 4 wonderful days kayaking the shores of San Juan Island, Orcas Island and Sucia Island.

Another great trip was a 3-day trip that included two passengers who bought a trip on the David B through the Sand and Sage Audubon auction.

For the first time, we joined forces with another boat for a Northwest Wine Tour of the San Juan Islands. This trip was not only a great way to learn about wines made in the San Juan Islands, but it also turned out to be quite a crab feast as well.

In the picture below, Jeffrey is getting ready to deliver a Bento-Bag of California Rolls for two of our passengers who were kayaking around Garrison Bay. We made the Sushi from some of the extra yummy dungeness crab we caught and then cooked up fresh that afternoon.

We were also treated to many trips with sightings of the orca whales. One of the best days was just outside of Friday Harbor where we were the first boat to find the whales so we had some time to watch them without too many other boats around.

We still have a couple of spaces open on our September 25-27, 2009 Weekend Getaway. If you would like to make a reservation for this cruise it is $695.00 per person. If you call and book before September 20th we’ll give you 20% off if you mention that you read our blog.