The Winter List

We are often asked what we do in the off-season. Do we take the winter off and go some place warm? Do we spend our winters reading books and sleeping in? While we might do some skiing at Mt. Baker and Whistler the answers are, that we mostly do work on the boat. We do this to make sure the David B is even better next year than it was this year.

Through out the summer months Jeffrey and I write down ideas and projects that we would like to do during the off-season. Now is time of year that we look over the list and decide what we are going to do. This winter looks to be filled with sanding, painting and varnishing, as well as, a new pump to clean mud off the anchor chain as it goes in to the anchor chain locker. Over the next few months I’ll be looking forward to sharing with you and reporting in on how things are shaping up with the Winter List. To both Jeffrey and I it is a very satisfying time of year where we really get to make the David B shine.

Cruising the San Juan Islands in October

We just finished up the 2008 cruising season on the David B in the San Juan Islands. October in the islands is my favorite time of year. It is quiet, fewer people are around, and the solitude of our anchorages provides for a unique get-away in a popular destination. Fall in the San Juans has a different feeling. The air is crisp with the smell of fallen leaves and salt water. It is a time where we might be the only ones visiting Sucia or Jones Island and it is a pleasure to share that solidtude with others on the David B.