What’s Cook’n Aboard the David B

Food Onboard:

Great food is important to us on the David B. We love to cook and it shows. All of the meals on the David B are cooked on a wood-fired cookstove and everything that Chef Christine makes is from scratch. Whenever possible we provision with local foods. Our menu is wide and variable. We tend to specialize in seafood, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a wonderful menu full of chicken, pork, beef, lamb and vegetarian options.

Every trip’s menu is custom to our guests and to seasonality.

Common Questions:

Are you able to accommodate special diets? Yes, we have cooked for diabetics, vegetarians, gluten- glucose- and lactose-intolerant guests, and for specific food allergies. We do need to know in advance, however, so make sure you tell us when you book your trip with us.

Can you do special requests? Yes, we have done lots of special meals/desserts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate you.

  • Gourmet MealsSmall Ship Cruise Meals Dungeness Crab Sushi

    Fresh Dungeness Crab Sushi

    Love it when we've got a lot of Dungeness crab on the boat. Fresh crab made into sushi is the best!

  • Gourmet MealsCinnamon Rolls and Granola

    Cinnamon Rolls and Granola

    Making cinnamon rolls is a two-day affair. I use a sourdough starter and milk for the liquid on day one. In the morning on day two, I shape and bake. If you want to sneak a second roll, you better get up early. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsGlacier Ice from Dawes Glacier

    Dawes Glacier Ice

    A little glacier ice goes along way. It's wonderful with whisky or in a gin and tonic. It's also wonderful with vinegar cucumbers and a pinch of sea salt. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsBreakfast is ready

    Breakfast on the David B

    Store bought granola never has enough nuts, so I like to make my own peanut butter and honey granola with lots of pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds and slivered almonds. A bowl of granola and a fresh scone is one of the best ways to start your day on the David B. Photo Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsSourdough bread

    Thick Crust Sourdough

    Twice a day fresh bread comes out of the David B's wood cookstove. There is truly no better smell than bread baking and a wood cookstove. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsDeckhand Cass with Spot Prawns

    Deckhand Cass with Spot Prawns

    Deckhand Cass shows off some fresh cooked spot prawns that were gifted to us by some friends we were sharing an anchorage with. In return we gave them a bunch of some of the sweetest and best turnips (yes turnips) that we got from Farragut Farms. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsFresh Veggies from Farragut Farms

    Fresh organic veggies

    People who sign up for our Northbound Alaska cruises between Petersburg and Juneau get an extra special perk -- Organically grown veggies from Marja and Bo at Farragut Farms delivered to the David B. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsGood old fashioned chocolate chip cookies

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    It's funny how chocolate chip cookies have a way of walking off the sheet pan with out the chef's permission. These cookies were made with 72% dark chocolate chips from Callebuat. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsCroissant dough cinnamon rolls

    Pastries Rising

    For a light and flaky twist on traditional croissants, I like to make cinnamon spirals, like these, out of my hand-made real-butter dough for croissants and pain au chocolat. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsPain au Chocolat

    Pain au Chocolat

    Pain au chocolat made from scratch with real butter and delicious Belgian chocolate. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet Mealsappetizers on the David B's deck

    Appetizers on deck

    Warm evenings are the best for sitting on deck with a glass of wine and enjoying some appetizers. Photo by Steve Woody

  • Gourmet MealsMix of mushrooms

    Mixed Mushrooms

    Sautéing a mix of mushrooms to go into a risotto. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsDavid B's wood fired wookstove

    The Sweetheart

    The David B's wood-fired cookstove is the heart of the galley and the center of all the action. It's not only fun to cook on, but it makes the galley a warm and cozy place for hanging out. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsBull kelp pickles

    Bull Kelp Pickles

    Here's a fun treat: Bull kelp pickles. They taste just like pickles, but with a hint of the sea. One of Captain Jeffrey's favorite things to make when he takes over the galley. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsCranberry orange scones breakfast menu small ship cruise

    Cranberry Orange Scones

    One of my favorite pastries to make -- cranberry-orange scones. These scones are light and moist. Photo and scones by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet mealsMaking a loaf of bread

    Christine making bread

    Chef Christine in action shaping bread dough into a boule. Photo by Sean Bull

  • Gourmet MealsFruit Tart for desert on small ship cruise

    Fresh Fruit Tart

    Fresh fruit and pastry cream make for a wonderful desert in a beautiful anchorage. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsBreakfast fruit plate

    Breakfast fruit plate with muffins

    Having fresh fruit for breakfast is always better when it comes in a melon basket. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsSide Stripe Shrimp

    Side Stripe Shrimp Appetizers

    Side stripe shrimp make for a welcome appetizer after kayaking in Tracy Arm. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsSalmon ready to cook

    Fresh Sockeye Samlon

    A nice filet of sockeye salmon all dressed up and ready for the grill. Photo by Christine Smith

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