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The ship’s position page on our site

Time: 1030 Position 48 45.35N 122 30.26W Have you seen our new position and tracking page? It shows the current position of the ship and will show tracks of the trips that we have gone on: http://northwestnavigation.com/map_page.html You can even look at it in a satellite image. It's very cool

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The cylinder heads come off

Time 0821 Position 48 45.35N 122.30.26W On Monday we decided to remove the cylinder heads on the main engine to have them worked on. This included removing everthing bolted onto the top of them, and then lifting them up through the pilot house. That part was easy, because we had the assistance of Drew's Victoria Star lifting frame. Then came the difficult part of getting them off the boat. We used the boom, and lots of lines strung all over the place and lifted them up and put them on the dock. Here are Jack Mynatt and Aaron guiding the […]

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More Winter Work

Time 0844 Position 48 45.35N 122.30.26W More winter work. Now we're working on the main engine -- The Washington-Estep 3-cylinder diesel. These are the exhaust and intake valves that were recently rebuilt by Old Tacoma Marine. For those of you who are interested in such things, these valves are in cages that slide into the top of the cylinder head so that they can be replaced without the head coming off.

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