Photos from David B Cruises in the San Juan Islands

  • San Juan IslandsMount Baker at Sunrise

    Mount Baker from Sucia Island

    Being the cook on the David B means that I get to see the best sunrises. It's a great time to enjoy a quiet anchorage and beautiful views.

  • San Juan IslandsDavid B at Sucia Island

    David B Anchored at Sucia Island

    The David B always looks so pretty at anchor.

  • Gourmet MealsCinnamon Rolls and Granola

    Cinnamon Rolls and Granola

    Making cinnamon rolls is a two-day affair. I use a sourdough starter and milk for the liquid on day one. In the morning on day two, I shape and bake. If you want to sneak a second roll, you better get up early. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsSourdough bread

    Thick Crust Sourdough

    Twice a day fresh bread comes out of the David B's wood cookstove. There is truly no better smell than bread baking and a wood cookstove. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsGood old fashioned chocolate chip cookies

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    It's funny how chocolate chip cookies have a way of walking off the sheet pan with out the chef's permission. These cookies were made with 72% dark chocolate chips from Callebuat. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsCroissant dough cinnamon rolls

    Pastries Rising

    For a light and flaky twist on traditional croissants, I like to make cinnamon spirals, like these, out of my hand-made real-butter dough for croissants and pain au chocolat. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsPain au Chocolat

    Pain au Chocolat

    Pain au chocolat made from scratch with real butter and delicious Belgian chocolate. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet Mealsappetizers on the David B's deck

    Appetizers on deck

    Warm evenings are the best for sitting on deck with a glass of wine and enjoying some appetizers. Photo by Steve Woody

  • Gourmet MealsMix of mushrooms

    Mixed Mushrooms

    Sautéing a mix of mushrooms to go into a risotto. Photo by Christine Smith

  • Gourmet MealsBull kelp pickles

    Bull Kelp Pickles

    Here's a fun treat: Bull kelp pickles. They taste just like pickles, but with a hint of the sea. One of Captain Jeffrey's favorite things to make when he takes over the galley. Photo by Christine Smith

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