Photos from David B Cruises in the Inside Passage

  • Inside PassageTwo sea lions in the inside passage ~ Small Ship Cruise

    Sea Lions on the Rocks

    Somewhere near Texada Island, I looked out the galley window and saw these two sea lions.

  • Inside PassageAncient Western Red Cedar at Blind Channel Resort Canada Small Ship Cruise

    Ancient One

    We like to stop at Blind Channel Resort on our Inside Passage cruises, not just because there's a store there for extra provisions, and it's a nice place to drop off post cards, but because there's a very special old tree that's approx. 800 years old. It a good place to stop and think about time.

  • Inside PassageFern at Blind Channel Resort

    Reaching out for spring

    We stopped at Blind Channel Resort for a few provisions, a place to drop off post cards and a walk. On our way to see an 800-year old cedar tree, we stopped to check out some of the smaller things along the way.

  • Inside PassageLearn to Cruise the Inside Passage

    In the wheelhouse

    Jeffrey and a guest in the wheel house on one of our Learn to Cruise trips. Photo taken in Johnstone Strait. Jeffrey giving helm commands and instructions.

  • Inside Passagetotem pole at memkumlis

    Going back to nature

    A beautifully carved totem made more beautiful with the delicate touches of Mother Nature.

  • Inside PassageShore crab seeking a hiding spot

    Crab looking for a hiding place

    We had gone ashore for a low tide beach walk. While waiting for the skiff to come to pick us up, this crab tried to sneak under my boot.

  • Inside PassageMoon Jelly Bloom in the Inside Passage Great Bear Sea

    A sea of moon jellies

    In the early spring we were cruising up the Inside Passage. When we stopped at our anchorage in Fitz Hugh Sound, a bloom of moon jellies surrounded the boat

  • Inside PassageBald eagle in the Great Bear Rain Forest

    Great Bear Rain Forest Eagle

    Almost all of our anchorages seem to come with a bald eagle in a tree.

  • Inside PassageKayaking in the Great Bear Rain Forest

    Solo Kayaker

  • Inside PassageSmall cruise ship anchored in Canada's Inside Passage

    David B at Green Island Anchorage

    One of our favorite anchorages in the Inside Passage -- Green Island Anchorage.

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